The sketch of the letter that they later wrote by hand.

A little boy of only 4 years starred in one of the most tender acts that the communal chief has received. lychee is his nickname and by family request his identity will be preserved, this young man wrote a letter because he wanted to know when he would be able to visit these new games.

Last Monday, in Maipú, the new sector was inaugurated for boys and girls to play in the Plaza 12 de Febrero. The remodeling took a long time, but the games made with recycled materials They look very eye-catching for infants.

Prior to the opening of the space, Lichi, who lives in Maipú with his mother and brother, sent a letter to Mayor Matías Stevanato. In it he consulted when the square was going to open so that he could enjoy “the greatest games of all”expresses the child.

The sketch of the letter that they later wrote by hand. (Lychee’s mom/)

According to Lisandro’s mother, the minor passes through the square area every day when they go to and from school. Every time he passed by, the infant asked when he was going to be able to play there and his mother gave him the idea to ask someone who knew.

So it was that the mother and the child wrote a letter to remove this great doubt. The tender message asked her concern and greeted the mayor with a “shock the 5”Lychee’s usual greeting.

How the mother encouraged love for these spaces

Lisandro is a child who, like others, lives his reality through play. The first spaces that he knew when he was a child were our house, that of the grandparents and the square”, says the woman.

With a teaching based on awareness and telling the truth to the child, the mother of this little boy promotes play in green spaces, such as the grove in the López Rivas square, which is close to where they live.

Illustrative image of a child playing.

Illustrative image of a child playing.

Lichi had his first contacts with other children and learned to socialize thanks to the public and play spaces. This was greatly affected when the games were ordered to close due to the pandemic.

The minor did not understand why he could not go to play as usual, so when he saw these huge and colorful games he felt the need to know them.

One day he told me and I said, ok, I’m going to write it now and I’m going to send it to myself. When we get back from the garden, I’ll pass it on a piece of paper, you make a little drawing and we’ll take it to the mayor”, he adds.



The letter was received by Stevanato, who invited Lisandro and his family to the opening day of the games. The anxiety to know this place was so great that the boy looked through the wood that covered it to be able to spy.

The achievement belonged to the mother and her son, they achieved what the minor longed for and was finally able to play in the biggest games he had ever seen, according to him.

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