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A week after the actor’s accident, his wife Klára was also injured: her sternum was broken. The elderly couple spends their convalescence at home, and twice a week an assigned nurse comes to help them. Blikk visited the country’s uncle Laci and his wife at his home in Zugló.

According to László Baranyi His grandson after his film, he was approached by a foreign director to appear in his new film, he was on his way to the shooting when the accident happened.

“I was very happy to say yes to the role, I was supposed to play an old man who dies at the end. I thought this film would be a nice and worthy end to my acting career. I was on my way to the test shoot when I tripped on the stairs and took a huge fall. I tried to protect my face with the bag in my hand, but my glasses still broke and slid onto my forehead, and blood poured from my head,” recalls the actor, whose crew members immediately rushed to his aid and then transported him to the Military Hospital by ambulance.

My head was broken, but no other bones were damaged, but my left shoulder was badly bruised, and my whole arm was purple. I was discharged the same day, but I had to rest a lot and my arm was bandaged for a while

said the actor. He added: “Fortunately, the injuries are gone, but my shoulder still hurts a lot, I can’t raise my arm fully. I exercise him every morning, I trust that he will soon be back to his old self”.

The director kept the role, but in the end the actor decided not to take it.

My heart bleeds for him. I’ve had a few requests lately, but I admit that after the accident I’m afraid to take on anything, even though my heart longs for it. Old age didn’t set in until I was ninety-three years old, but since I caught Covid in 2021 and was hospitalized for sixteen days for the first time in my life, my strength has left me. Then I had to learn to walk again, since then my legs and balance feel insecure

told by László Baranyi a To blinkadding that he thinks about passing more and more often.

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