Sandra Colo was murdered in August 2012 and Paola Tomé in January 2014.

TO Sandra Cole he murdered her in August 2012 already paola tome in January 2014, but according to what the Public Ministry explained in the oral trial that ended with the sentence against Recalde, there are firm suspicions that indicate that he would have been responsible for the murder of Maria Fernanda Repettowhich occurred in September 1999 in that city.

However, since at that time the police did not have adequate elements to carry out an investigation with scientific methods, no evidence was found against him and the case prescribed.

Precisely an FBI protocol determined that someone is considered a serial killer when he kills two or more people in a certain period and Recalde did it with a difference of a year and a half between one woman and another, all with a sexual motivation.

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TO Sandra Cole he murdered her in August 2012 already paola tome in January 2014.

Colo worked in a party hall for boys and Tomé had a business selling children’s clothing and the two were murdered on a Thursday and in the same way: suffocation by suffocation and compression with a bow, after struggling with the femicide.

By resisting, the victims managed to make Recalde bleed, leaving traces of DNA, and on top of that, during the trial, a friend of Tomé’s recognized the murderer as the man who, two weeks earlier, had visited the premises and asked for a size garment. 8.

He was looking for victims who were alone, with the aim of raping them, but as they resisted, he murdered them. However, on other occasions he had achieved his goal of sexually abusing them, that is why he did not kill those women.

On June 30, 2009, Recalde entered a toy store, pretended to be a customer and, when the saleswoman turned to take the items she had asked about, threw herself on top of the victim, took her to the store’s bathroom, he bound her hands and feet, gagged her with a scarf, and sexually assaulted her.

“He told me not to yell or report him, that he knew me, that he knew I worked alone. He made me touch his shoes, he told me they were the same ones the police used”recounted the employee of the toy store in the oral trial for the femicides of Colo and Tomé.

The femicide admitted in a brief trial that he had raped that employee and was convicted, but he spent a little more than three years in prison and was released in May 2012.

In August of that year he killed Colo: According to the autopsy, the woman was killed “by lasso strangulation, using two intertwined ropes and a broomstick with which she made a tourniquet, also supporting one of her knees on the victim’s back, causing a liver burst.”

Juan Domingo ColoSandra’s father, found his daughter’s body in the kitchen of the children’s party room located at 300 Alem.

This man had already suffered the loss of his other daughter, Claudia, 25 years old, who was murdered on January 15, 2000 by José Luis Correa, his partner in the insurance company for which he worked.

In that sense, he beat her and strangled her with a cable, while later he tied the corpse hand and foot, covered it with two garbage bags and left it on the side of a refrigerator. In 2001, Correa was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Claudia Col.

In the children’s party room, the Scientific Police collected several blood samples and in some of them found on a yellow wall of the place they found mixed DNA of a woman and a man, as a result of the fight that the victim gave.

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The scientists isolated the female genetic profile and determined that it corresponded to the victim, but in the absence of a suspect, it was not possible to establish to whom the one belonging to the man belonged.

On January 16, 2014, also a Thursday, members of the Scientific Police went to the Rowena children’s clothing store, located at 45 General Paz, to look for traces in the place where Tomé was murdered.

The victim’s body was found in the bathroom of the business and when reviewing the crime scene, the experts found several traces of blood and drag marks, since the woman again struggled to avoid rape.

In the door frame, a blood sample was found and the prosecutor of the case, Vanina Lisazoasked officers to look for possible links to other attacks.

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This is how coincidences were established between the femicides of Tomé and Colo: the aggressor did not use force to enter the premises where the victims worked and applied extreme violence to the women. Likewise, both victims were single, middle-aged, attacked in their workplaces, dedicated to the children’s sector.

The prosecutor asked that the blood stains found be compared with the DNA of the blood remains found in the children’s party where Colo was killed.

It was thus that the study concluded that they belonged to the same man and the roads pointed to Recalde, who had been released from prison three months before the femicide of the first one. Lisazo ordered a search of the house and the body and paint shop where the suspect worked.

When the police officers searched the defendant’s Peugeot 505 they found a backpack and among the items found there was a homemade stab, ropes, Viagra pills, a woman’s wallet and condoms, as well as a pair of slippers.

The comparative expert reports determined that the size 42 footprint of the suspect’s footwear corresponded to the mark of the sole found in the place where Tomé was killed. Likewise, another DNA study determined that the blood found in the party room also corresponded to Recalde.

In July 2015, in the courts of Junín the murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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