Bryan Salvador Velasco on his last birthday, number 25

Six months have passed without Maria Alexandra learning the truth about her son’s death, but she says she is sure of one thing: “They killed him, it was not a suicide.”

The 31 Octoberat 11:30 at night, he received a call from a friend of Bryan Salvador Velasco Porras in which told her that her son had supposedly hanged himself.

María Alexandra completely doubts this version. At 8:30 p.m., three hours before her death was reported, He talked to Bryan and he hadn’t noticed him sad or in trouble. “He told me that he loved me very much and that he was studying for botany midterm 2 and that it was the last exam he needed to pass, and we agreed to talk the next day to find out how it went,” he stresses.

“When I answered the call I thought he had forgotten something, but no, it was the worst message of my life. It was Michaelaone of the companions with whom he lived, and He told me that Bryan had just hanged himself supposedly due to chronic depression.remember.

Bryan arrived in Argentina on September 24, 2019 and settled in Córdoba. I was studying the second semester of Agriculture and Floriculture at the University of Cordoba and He also worked with cryptocurrencies.

Faced with the anguish of not knowing what happened to her son, María Alexandra traveled to Córdoba on November 16. “It was not a suicide, my son did not suffer from chronic depression and the Prosecutor’s Office never requested the clinical history where apparently a psychologist was seeing him. I need to know how my son died.”questions.

In her search for the truth, which is not over yet, María Alexandra has had to overcome various obstacles and go through a complete ordeal. “First they told me that the repatriation of the body could not be done because they had to wait for the second autopsy, then that they did not know the location of the son’s body and they are not responsible for that. Until a month ago the cremation of my son was carried out.

“This is all a controversy and lie after lie”claim.

The autopsy that was done to Bryan’s body, according to the defense of the family, was very deficient. Y Although bruises were found on the head, suicide was left as the main hypothesis.

In the report of the Judicial Police, which is in the file, a “subgaleal hematoma of 4 x 3 cm in the left parietal region” is recorded. In addition, it is described that “the body was found in the supine position with upper and lower limbs extended on the floor without clothing on the torso and with long black pants. There was no evidence of alcohol or drug use in the samples.

The testimonials delivered by the friends to the Judicial Police were contradictory, while one of the compañeras pointed out that they found him sitting, another said that he was still hanging. However, in WhatsApp messages to the family they had said that the police and paramedics were already there when they arrived.

Neither – claims the family – is there a clinical history where it is said that he did have chronic depressionas his friends premeditatedly stated as soon as they reported his death.

“How some clothes hangers can support the weight of a person who was approximately 1.90 meters tall and with a robust build and who, when they die, remains seated. If he stayed seated then he wouldn’t have suffocated. There’s no way he would have hung there.”he emphasizes.

Something that confuses his relatives more is that between November 1 and 8, several withdrawals were made from the young man’s bank accounts., in Bancor, for a total of 2 million pesos between purchases and transfers. The operations were carried out at the ATM in the Las Toscas neighborhood, in Córdoba, and Bryan lived in the Ejército Argentino neighborhood, 3 hours away by car.

Bryan’s parents do not know how much money he handled with the cryptocurrency businesss, but they affirm that it was necessary to continue their studies and support themselves.

Despite all the doubts of the case, the Prosecutor’s Office decides to determine as a possible cause of death “suicide -mechanical suffocation by hanging”. Research that, to date, has not made any progress.

Bryan Salvador Velasco on his last birthday, number 25family courtesy

There isn’t a single day that this 48-year-old mother doesn’t think about her son.. She has spent more than 40 million Colombian pesos (which she still owes), on payments and paperwork, but maintains that the only thing that keeps her going is being able to fire her son.

María Alexandra describes him as a very happy young man, he was never sad or melancholy and he liked to help others. According to her account, they spoke every day, they frequently shared photos and she told him about his plans.

“He painted a lot and was an artist, he did crafts, dream catchers and he loved artistic drawing.” Lately, while continuing his Agriculture and Floriculture career, he started gardening.

We managed to open the file and collect evidence. We found several irregularities, Since no cameras were requested from the area, neither the computer nor the tablet he had was seized. There are many gaps in the investigation”, he questions about the investigation by the Argentine Prosecutor’s Office.

Bryan Salvador Velasco was passionate about travel
Bryan Salvador Velasco was passionate about travelfamily courtesy

The Foreign Ministry informed the family on March 19 that the ashes would be sent in a diplomatic bag and arrived this week. Among the good news, the mayor of Chía offered him to take over the ceremony and burial to be held this Saturday.

With the pain of saying goodbye to his son without really knowing how he died, María Alexandra asks the authorities not to continue with lies and evasions and to clarify the case: “It is painful to fire my son in the midst of total impunity.”

By Angy Alvarado Rodriguez

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