Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were one of the most recognized couples in the entertainment world

Brad Pitt recently spoke about the more mystical meanings in your life for GQ Magazine and explained that his refuge and almost hiding place during this pandemic has been his home in Los Angeles, where he has used his time to quit smoking and drinking, until he is completely free. For him there are no half measures or decisions, so the word “reduce” was not in his head and he just left it. There were more topics and he opened up to reveal his deepest feelings.

The actor explained that after his final separation from Angelina Jolie, after the 2016 divorce, he got sober and attended Alcoholics Anonymous for a year and a half, trying to take care of his image, being such a renowned actor.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were one of the most recognized couples in the entertainment worldAFP Agency

“There were some men who were great, it was private and selective so it was safe. I had seen things from other people who recorded them while they expressed themselves to the gut, that was appalling to me”, he counted.

Even so, his vices also left him with some memories, which he does not miss, but he does treasure: “Smoking a cigarette in the morning with coffee was just delicious”. He also recognized that his body could not handle it like other well-known figures, such as the British painter David Hockney.

War Machine, with Brad Pitt
War Machine, with Brad Pitt

The actor addressed a rare condition that has marked his life: You have trouble remembering new people you meet and their faces. Pitt thinks he might have deprosopagnosia, an inability to recognize people’s faces. (also known as face blindness). Although he struggles to find those images in his head, he fails.

“No one believes me!” he said, remembering that this is also an obstacle at parties.

His consolation and escape is art, music, for him that is everything. “I am a creature that speaks through art. If I’m not doing it, I’m dying somehow. Music fills me with so much joy. I think that (joy) has been my most recent discovery (…) I spent years with low-grade depression and it wasn’t until I accepted that, trying to embrace everyone, the beauty and the ugliness, that I was able to capture those moments of joy.”

Brad Pitt, star of Seven Years in Tibet.
Brad Pitt, star of Seven Years in Tibet.

For this renowned actor, there is also a passion in writing everything you dream of. Next to his bedside table, he keeps a pencil and paper and reflects on what happened when his eyes were closed. “I’m curious about what happens there when I’m not in charge,” she said.

From his home in Hollywood Hills, where he granted the meeting to the aforementioned medium, he sent an email in which detailed what is the dream that haunts him with violence and recurrence.

“For four or five whole years there, the most predominant dream I have ever experienced would be being mugged and stabbed. Always at night, in the dark, and I was walking down a park sidewalk or along a boardwalk and as I passed under an exorcist-type streetlight, someone jumped out of the abyss and stabbed me in the ribs. Or I would feel someone following me and then another would flank me and I would realize that I was trapped and that they wanted to do me serious harm. Or he was chased through a house with a child he was helping to escape, but he was trapped on the terrace and ended up stabbed. Always stabbed. And I wake up terrified. I don’t understand why they would want to hurt me. This stopped a year or two ago only when I started going right back into the dream and asking just why,” she recounted.

Now he is 58 years old and appears on the screen from time to time. On this occasion, he showed his most reflective side. For him, investigating his dreams in search of the meaning they may contain is part of his process, of being who he is.

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