The strange habit of Vladimir Putin to go to the bathroom abroad

An unusual fact was revealed in the last hours in relation to the customs of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. According to foreign media, the president has members of the elite Federal Protection Service who they package their urine and excrement during trips abroad and take him to Moscow under strict surveillance.

This information has come to light through a publication in the French magazine paris matcha medium that maintains that they obtained said information from indirect sources in the Middle East, where this unusual habit of Putin would have been exposed after his visit to Saudi Arabia in 2019.

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The strange action would be based on a matter of securityboth personal and state. “Putin fears the possibility of any information about his health reaching the hands of foreign intelligence services,” he said. Rebecca Kofflerformer intelligence officer of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), to Fox NewsDigital.

He wants to project the image that he will rule Russia indefinitely to deter any chaos associated with a change in power,” Koffler added. On the other hand, when this fact became known, rumors also began about the state of the president’s health, to which the former official pointed out: “Although there is much speculation that Putin has a terminal diseaseintelligence about his health is inconclusive.”

Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, denied the versions that Putin was going through some illness and said: “The president appears in public every day, you can see him on the screens, read and listen to his speeches. I don’t think sane people can discern any kind of disease symptoms in this man.”

Also, not only paris match received information about this unusual custom. Farida Rustamovaan independent journalist and former BBC worker, shared a thread on Twitter where she assures that various sources have confirmed that this is real and that, furthermore, the russian president usually travels abroad with a own bathroom.

“As far as I know, this peculiar system is organized differently,” Rustamova began by recounting and stated that, in the version she knows, “all secret substances are immediately destroyed on the spot”. According to the journalist, this information was revealed by the American actress and producer Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The reporter explained in her thread that, during Vladimir Putin’s visit to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna in 2020, the museum’s staff revealed to Louis-Dreyfous that they had to install a special private bathroom outside that the president and his team had brought to the place.

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In turn, Rustamova maintained that they would have also revealed to her that the Russian leader uses this bathroom on his own plane and assured, based on anonymous sources, that all biomaterials belonging to Putin since they consider them sensitive and “top secret” information.

“Everything is thoroughly cleaned and all traces are removed. Fingerprints are also checked if something has been touched,” they would have explained to the journalist. She in turn, she emphasized that this would be a common practice in the circle of world leaders since this type of remains contains a lot of information about his health.

The former BBC worker concluded by quoting her anonymous source again, who explained: “You can decipher a person’s DNA, find out about predisposition to hereditary diseases, if they are sick now and what medications they take, not to mention finding distant relatives or illegitimate children.


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