The Strip of the Readers: The photo of my pet
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A few days ago we summoned her and today she returns The Strip of Readers, this time dedicated to those family members who are pets. We thank our readers for the good participation this week.

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Ready for a rinse. Photo: Laura Torres Vazquez.

The boy of the house. Photo: Lianet Gonzalez.

The panetela is shared. Photo: Noelia Castro Ladron de Guevara.

Let me cuddle you. Photo: Marely Jimenez.

The fruit is mine. Photo: GaBoCo.

Best friends. Photo: Nirey.

The compadres. Photo: Yoannis Fernandez Tamayo.

The Guardian. Photo: cosanog11.

My dog ​​Nell. Photo: Iliana Fernandez-Britto Wong.

“Behind my window… I see life go by.” Photo: El Roldo in Cuba.

Morning stretch. Photo: Inoel Garcia.

Go ahead, I’ll catch up with you in a second. Photo: Tele.

My name is Gia and I am very sociable. Photo: Alfredo Nunez.

The family singer. Photo:

To’ is rich. Photo: Lía López Tamayo.

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