Mia Khalifa breaks Instagram.
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Mia Khalifa She is not afraid of showing herself natural, without makeup, disheveled and/or with house clothes, quite the opposite, He knows how to perfectly combine the ostentatious looks he uses on the outings he does with the informality of his home.and all within the social network in which it gathers almost 28 million followers: Instagram.

Mia Khalifa breaks Instagram. (Instagram/)

And this happened on this occasion when she wore a subtle dance while miming the song she was listening toand from the description of the publication I comment: “even the king is wrong, sometimes it’s right”humorously, as he forgot the lyrics at one point.

Mia Khalifa dazzled in the networks.

Mia Khalifa dazzled in the networks. (Instagram/)

And for that, Mia was shown in an oversized white jumpsuit that had reddish stripes on the backwhich combined with the sports pants that he wore underneath; and at the same time introduced makeup removed and with slightly disheveled hairemphasizing the informal air.

How users reacted to Mia Khalifa’s post

The former adult film actress collected more than thousand red hearts and around 80 comments in the publication he made 21 hours ago, which has the particularity that It is not found in your feed but only in the “reels” section.

Mia Khalifa posed sensually on Instagram.

Mia Khalifa posed sensually on Instagram. (Instagram/)

And among the messages that were in the publication, some wrote “It’s an amazing dance”, “dream girl”, “Beautifull”,“Flow Mia K”while others simply left fire or heart emojis.

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