Mónica Jouvet finished her theater performance and took a taxi: that night she had an accident and marked her sad final path
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the fate of Monica Jouvet –daughter of the well-remembered artists Nelly Beltran and Maurice Jouvet- that tragic April 8, 1981 seemed marked. In the intermission of the play You have to save the dolphins, who starred alongside none other than Analía Gadé at the Blanca Podestá theater, Tito Rivié, a well-known press man, saw the performance and decided to invite Mónica to have a coffee. “Pablo is waiting for me with a baked chicken and I have a lot to study for TV. I’m very tired, I’m going home, another day, okay?”

He knew how to make himself loved by the affection that he radiated and offered. That’s why everyone pampered her, like Ricardo, the theater ticket seller, who when she retired, Moni found her a taxi, like every night. It seems that since the driver was very young, the actress let him pass. “Let’s see if a set is thrown at me”he joked. Another car arrived and incredibly he also preferred to avoid it, and almost immediately pointed to a third: “The one who comes there.”

Mónica Jouvet finished her theater performance and took a taxi: that night she had an accident and marked her sad final path

It was a few minutes after midnight when he went up. At 12:15 a.m., at the intersection of Junín and Córdoba avenue, a bus from line 109 rammed them. The driver, with various blows, was taken to the Fernández Hospital. But she did not receive help until a patrolman transferred her to the Hospital de Clínicas with serious disorders: serious head trauma, rib fractures, an injured arm, and most worryinglywith loss of consciousness. Due to the tragedy, the taxi driver, Claudio Soriano, and the bus driver, Héctor Sequeira, were arrested.

The actress underwent the necessary surgeries, was transferred to the Italian Hospital for a tomography and later returned to intensive care. “Comma 4, steady state,” the medical reports said. Her husband, actor Pablo Alarcón, it did not move from there; neither was her great friend María Valenzuela. Thus, with all these details, it is reflected in a complete report that led to a video by the user Antonio J. on YouTube, under the title Tragic moments: the death of Monica Jouvet.

The report at 6:45 p.m. the following Sunday provided by the authorities of the Hospital de Clínicas General San Martín reflected: “The patient presents deterioration as a result of the serious situation and complications that are registered in the respiratory process.” On April 15, he turned 26 when he was in intensive care fighting for his life.

After eleven days of agony, the fatal outcome occurred on Sunday, Easter 18, after nine at night.. The very serious injuries suffered in the brain plus the lung condition were decisive. Monica went into two cardiac arrests and died.

Monica was inspired by her devoted parents to become an actress. She debuted with Maurice Jouvet, her father, in a children’s program on Channel 7 where he gave Pinocchio a heart. She studied to be a model and also an advertising drawing. When she started high school she participated in the cycle Laughter shed. She grew as a professional and her acting career continued in high comedy Y Theater as in the theater.

Mónica Jouvet with Pablo Alarcón, her great love
Mónica Jouvet with Pablo Alarcón, her great love

The cinema gave him his first leading role alongside Adrián Ghio -another who suffered a tragic death while traveling in a taxi- in I beat PRODE, and you? then they came The Campanelli Picnic, The Bomb-Thrower Professor, Sentimental Y The professor’s follies with Carlitos Balá.

In theater he shone in The day the Pope was kidnapped, Fear is masculine, Dracula Y We must save the dolphins, where he starred in his last performance before he died. Her friend Claudio Pistarini pays tribute to her permanently on the Facebook page that he created in her tribute, where Mónica’s photo from the program of said work appears and many more.

With actor Pablo Alarcon he had been married on July 11, 1975; They traveled to Italy for their honeymoon. Monica was struck by her professionalism and beauty and ended up working for RAI and with Fred Bongusto.

In 1981, in addition to starring We must save the dolphinswas a pair with Carlos Olivieri in the novel a different heartbeatY For those things that fate has, Monica recorded a scene days before she died in which María Aurelia Bisutti had an accident, and she was talking to Raúl Filippi.

The script established that Monica make the following reflection before her colleague: “Bus drivers always drive well… until they run into some crazy woman on the road.”

On Sunday, March 5, 1972, he returned to the Federal Capital after working in La Plata in the Peugeot 504 driven by the singer Donald, along with Roi Escudero, the model Allaa Oyhanella, Manolo Míguez, a member of Tip Top and the sound engineer Luis Eduardo Caamacho. . In the area known as Wilde’s Triangle a truck dazzled them and they ended up against a wall. Monica suffered a fracture of one of her arms and her bruises. She was admitted to the Little Company Sanatorium in Palermo after being treated at the Wilde Hospital. The other occupants also suffered fractures and trauma. Donald, with a dislocated hip, she said she thought they were “killing each other” and that she heard the actress pray the Our Father.

A large number of colleagues accompanied the procession on April 20 towards the Pantheon of artists in the Chacarita Cemetery: Ana María Campoy, Pepe Cibrián, Ignacio Quiróz, Edith Boado, Silvia Legrand, Beba Bidart, Dora Prince, Thelma Stefani, María Aurelia Bisutti, Alejandro Doria, Analía Gadé, Duilio Marzio, Ana María Picchio, Leonor Benedetto, Elsa Daniel, Dorys del Valle, Nora Cárpena, Malvina Pastorino, Sandra Sandrini, Mario Sapag, Jorge Barreiro, China Zorrilla, Luis Brandoni, Tristán, Guillermo Bredeston , Juan Carlos Mendizábal, Santiago Bal, Thelma del Río, Donna Caroll, Mónica Vehil, Virginia Faiad, Juan Carlos Altavista…

His parents, Nelly Beltrán and Maurice Jouvet always embraced. Pablo Alarcón, her husband, repeated between sobs: “Her dream was to have a child, we had decided, she was going to have a treatment to get pregnant. I keep crying every time I see something of her…”.

Mónica Jouvet and a goodbye surrounded by friends, family and her beloved public
Mónica Jouvet and a goodbye surrounded by friends, family and her beloved public

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