The teaching salary in La Rioja was the one that increased the most in the country in the last year

The Ministry of Education of the Nation released its Indicative Report on Teacher Salaries (as of March this year) and La Rioja has the best year-on-year change in teacher salary of the 24 Argentine jurisdictions in the whole countryreaching a variation of 94% for the control position in the period March 2021 – March 2022. In addition, the improvement would become even more significant with the latest increase announced by the provincial government last Thursday.

These dates were provided from the Ministry of the Nationthrough what was published in the Indicative Teacher Salary Report, updated to December 2021. It was prepared by the General Coordination for the Study of Educational System Costs (CGECSE), of the Educational Evaluation and Information Secretariat of the Ministry of Education. Nation Education.

In this it is indicated that the interannual variation of the teacher salary in the Province of La Rioja in the year 2021 was 76%. Bearing in mind that inflation calculated by INDEC was 50.9%, this represents a significant increase in purchasing power for teachers in the Province.

In this sense, and with these data, the out-of-pocket salary for the position of Single-time Bachelor Teacher with 10 years of seniority in La Rioja has the best year-on-year variation of the teacher salary in any country, reaching a variation of 94% for the witness position in the period March 2021 – March 2022.

Likewise, it would represent a significant variation at the quarterly level, which represents an important variation of 32%; a percentage that is well above quarterly inflation, estimated at 16.1%.

New salary readjustment: the government of La Rioja offered $15,000 per position

From the provincial government they reported that “after an important dialogue with all the union entities, it is possible to advance in this complementary agreement to the one already signed.” “This makes an increase from January to September of 32 thousand pesos per position”, It was also specified that “more than 60% of teachers have more than one position in the Province.

The Minister of Education of La Rioja, Ariel Martínez spoke in this regard and said that “We know that there is a lot to build, to improve, but it is the path we have decided to take and it is the path that allowed us until this year, to have an increase, since the governor’s administration began (Ricardo Quintela) of 104% to the basic of the teacher and an annual increase until September of 54% to the salary of the pocketwith an assumed commitment to always be above inflation that was complex this year”.

We have a salary guideline that we had signed. Apart from that, we work on different alternatives and we arrive at this possibility that is very important for us: advance between June and September with an increase of 15,000 pesos per position in a 5,000-peso non-refundable remunerative tranche in June, which impacts the Bonus, 4 thousand pesos in August and 6 thousand pesos in September”, he argued.

In turn, he indicated that “this makes an increase from January to September of 32 thousand pesos per position”, and at the same time, he commented that “We highlight it because it is a growth in our salary that approximately impacts 10 points above the inflation projected for Septemberwhich is 44 points, while the salary is 54 points”.

In this way, in September, the starting salary of a teacher who has just started with 0 seniority and 0 unfavorable zone, will be $69,600”. “This marks an important point for us, when we started the administration we had 2,000 teachers below the salary floor set by the national parity. Today, thanks to our governor, we do not have any teacher below the salary floor set by the Nation, on the contrary, now we will be 6 thousand – 7 thousand pesos above”, Martinez made clear.

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