Milo and Anibal Biggeri on the All Boys court Courtesy: Marcelo Groisman

Overshadowed by the boom generated by news of Mouth or of Riverthe Ascenso clubs have a scarce place in the grid of a sports program. everything costs double. Budgets are limited, which constantly forces ingenuity to be able to generate resources. One of the most popular clubs in the second ranks of domestic football is all boyslocated in the heart of forest, Federal capital.

Milo He’s 3 years old and he’s a fan of that team just like his dad. Marcelo, who transferred that passion to him as a family heirloom. Despite his young age, he remembers every date he played all boys. But not only that, but each player knows, his number and even who the technical director is.

Has an admirable ability to record things. He wants to know the names of the players, the goalkeeper, the defenders,” Milo’s father told THE NATION.

The viral video of Milo, a small fan of All Boys

With his starting shirt, white and black strips, Milo, sitting on a chair, stares at a cell phone camera and exposes his soccer knowledge, and for that he has the complicity of his father. From 1 to 18 – this is how the numbering of those summoned for a match in Ascent is made – comment on the name and surname of each player who wears that number. His intonation could be accompanied by the applause of the fans as if he were a voice from the stadium.

Knowing the club’s facilities, he watches from the upper stalls -which overlooks Mercedes street- the goals of Ferdinand Brandan and Ignacio Vazquez for Albo’s victory against Temperley. His view overlooks the green lawn, a place that only privileged people can access.

Hannibal Biggeri, coach of the professional team, opens his arms and receives him. Like a fatherly figure, he picks it up, poses for the photo -which will remain immortalized in the gallery of a cell phone- and introduces each player one by one. Without traces of shyness, Milo Pronounce again from 1 to 18 and memorize each face to add one more piece of information to your small database. He receives the applause and admiration of those present as if he were the author of a goal.

Milo and Anibal Biggeri on the All Boys court Courtesy: Marcelo Groisman

The voice of Marcelo He breaks when talking about the club of his loves, which he started going to when he was very young. Not having enough money to pay for a ticket, they waited, along with other friends, for the start of the second half to enter. The passing of the years did nothing more than forge the relationship and they began traveling throughout the country.

The last record of all boys on the First division It was from 2010 to 2014. Through a Promotion, which paired a team from the highest category and another from the “B” Nationalthose from Floresta won in Arroyito against Rosario Central and secured their place with the most qualified teams in the AFA.

The match against temperley ends. Players retire for one round. The lights of the stadium begin to brighten, until they go out. The public leaves. Milo starts down the steps and pleads with the air: “We have to go back to First”.

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