Gimena Accardi and Nicolás Vázquez lost a pregnancy in 2013

One week no morethe play starring Gimena Accardi, Nicolas Vazquez and Benjamin Rojas, was presented at the beginning of 2022 and, from that moment, it became a resounding success. So positive was the repercussion of the audience that from the production they decided to extend the shows to the whole country and organized a national tour. Thus, the three actors began to travel throughout Argentina and one of their most recent stops was the province of Salta, where they gave several interviews. Nevertheless, what would have been a fun experience turned into an awkward moment due to the unexpected question of a journalist from a local media.

The uncomfortable moment that Gimena Accardi and Nicolás Vázquez lived

Gime Accardi and Nico Vazquez They are known, in addition to being one of the most beloved couples in the world of entertainment, for their good predisposition with both fans and journalists. Unlike other celebrities, they always stop to talk to reporters and never deny anyone a photo.

This characteristic led them to agree to speak with the team of the Salteño cycle VIP Sector despite the fact that they had not previously arranged a talk. They thought that they would only have to send a simple greeting for the program but, as soon as they started recording, Laura Ibáñez -who represented the media- began to ask them a series of questions.

At first he wanted to know what they expected from the local public and, as he saw that they answered him without problems, he decided to ask one more question. “When are they going to be parents? Are you looking?” she shot back. The actress’s reaction was immediate: with her mouth open, unable to believe what she had heard, she walked away from the camera while her husband came closer to the journalist to indicate that it was disrespectful. In turn, Benjamin Rojas told him that it was too intimate a subject and that it was not appropriate.

Gimena Accardi and Nicolás Vázquez lost a pregnancy in 2013

It should be remembered that for former Almost angels paternity is a delicate subject since in 2013 they lost a pregnancy and it cost them a lot to be able to recover from that deep pain. Time managed to heal part of that wound but, in any case, they always treated that part of their lives with care and there were few interviews in which they agreed to refer to that episode.

As for what was experienced in Salta, the situation only worsened. Days later, Laura Ibáñez shared that fragment of the interview on television and assured that Accardi blurted out that “he had ruined his day.” She also said that she felt “humiliated” since, despite apologizing, both Vázquez and Rojas told her that she should “rethink her role as a journalist” when asking questions and asserted that an uncomfortable situation was generated since, because of the shouting, the hotel staff came to get their attention.

This discharge increased the tension since, through Intruders (America), revealed that The three artists asked that this recording not be broadcast, but that their wishes were ignored and they only found out when the fragment went viral. Although Ibáñez spoke with Flor de la V to explain his point of view, the other protagonists of the event preferred to put an end to the matter and did not publicly refer to what they experienced.

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