The tense previous Argentina-Mexico in Qatar: fight in a bar and provocations to Marcelo Benedetto and Goycochea
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The party for the second date of the World Cup Qatar 2022 between Argentina and Mexico national team There is already great tension in Doha because it will be key to the aspirations of both teams. In this framework, there was a fierce fight in a barin addition to the fact that Mexican fans rebuked the sports journalist Marcelo Benedetto and they provoked the former goalkeeper Sergio Goycochea.

Argentina could define their future this Saturday against Mexico and the fans live it with great tension after the tough defeat against Saudi Arabia. In this framework, fans of both teams ended up with pineapples in a gastronomic venue.

In the video you can see punches, kicks and insults and even a person who comes out bleeding on his face, apparently from the glass glasses that were thrown.

Later, another violent fight between Argentines and Mexicans took place in the street. According to witnesses, the local police did not intervene and tourists went to separate the situation.

The reprehensible song of Mexico for Argentina that includes the Malvinas Islands

Mexican fans rebuked Marcelo Benedetto

The sports journalist also experienced moments of tension when Mexicans rebuked him while he was making a mobile in ESPN. A Marcelo Benedetto he was seen uncomfortable when he was taking a tour through the streets of Doha.

It is that a Brazilian fan and several Mexicans rebuked him. Even one came face to face and pushed himwhile another did “fuck you” with both hands facing the camera. Other fans surrounded him and began to jump and sing in a threatening manner. Finally, the situation did not get worse.

Sergio Goycochea had a dispute with a live Mexican fan

The former goalkeeper of the National Team, Sergio Goycocheaalso lived a moment of tension when he was on the air with the journalists Tití Fernández and Angela Lerena.

First, a Mexican fan posed behind them with a Rayados de Monterrey team jersey and a Mexican flag. Later, he left the scene but began to insult the journalists.

In full transmission of the public televisionGoycochea replied: “On Saturday we serve you…. Come on! Go wave the flag!”.

FIFA could sanction Mexico for “offensive chants” by its fans in Qatar

“Sorry, it’s not that we’re violent. We’re working. He stops there. The cameraman tells him to leave because he’s interfering with our work and on top makes obscene signs behind the camera. It’s not that we’re crazy that we’re fighting with anyone,” she said.

Along these lines, he concluded: “I apologize because I am a communicator and I do not want this aggressive question to remain. I am far from being aggressive. He stood behind. They told him: ‘please come out, we are working’. So, if we lack respect, that’s something else.”


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