Nikita Presnyakov.

Nikita Presnyakov.

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with their children Liza and Harry, having left for Israel, abandoned a luxurious castle in the village of Gryaz in Russia. The showman built the family estate for several years, invested in the mansion not only millions, but also his heart and soul. The posh property is currently being looked after by artists’ assistants. Meanwhile, there are many rumors around the castle. Either, supposedly, the stars are going to sell it, or the grandson of the Diva Nikita Presnyakov settled in it. And the other day, a shocking statement was made.

The eldest grandson of Alla Pugacheva terrified of slanderers. Spiteful critics told a terrible story about how Nikita Presnyakov allegedly threw a loud party in the castle abandoned by Primadonna and Maxim Galkin in the village of Gryaz. Allegedly, he called Stefania Malikov and Nikita Malinin to a party. According to gossips, this party led to a fire in the mansions.

The son of Christina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov did not remain silent. “Guys, this is a crime. I am accused of such things! It is clear that the author is unwell, ”the star heir was indignant.

Nikita said that he did not intend to leave scoundrels unpunished. He promised to punish offenders. “It is illegal to slander a person like that, to ascribe to him terrible deeds that he did not commit,” the singer wrote.

Presnyakov also said that he was spending his time restoring the dacha he inherited from his grandmother on Istra: “I invest my honestly earned money in our family home (not a castle).”

And he saw Nikita Malinin only once in his life. As for the daughter of Dmitry Malikov, he is not at all familiar with the beautiful Stesha.

Note, not so long ago, Nikita said that he was terminally ill. He reported a tumorrevealing the details. Recently, the young man looks haggard and very thin. Five years ago, he completely gave up meat and decided to become a pesco-vegetarian.

Some time ago, doctors discovered gallbladder polyps in the singer. “They can form in many people over time due to improper diet,” Nikita said. He added that the disease cannot be cured. He was prescribed a strict diet, which provoked rapid weight loss.

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