Pierpaolo Barbieri.


“You have to do something that you really love and embrace an idea that means something to you. When you’re going to spend 9 days out of 10 suffering what doesn’t work out, it’s frustrating. You won’t be able to hold it.”the 34-year-old CEO began.


Have a clear mission

At the time of undertake in Latin Americathe CEO of Ualá assured that “We have a great opportunity because many of the things that were resolved in other countries are not resolved in Latin America.. But they can be done, we just need think and execute”.

And continued: “You always have to think from the mission because the life of the entrepreneur is extremely difficult and, during the process of raising capital and making equipment and products, most of the days are bad because you don’t get what you want. Therefore, it is important to be clear about what motivates us”.


Have a vision and a team that shares it

“At the end of the day, the entrepreneur cannot solve all problems. You have to start from a place of humility and understand that you don’t know everything. In addition to surrounding yourself with a team that has the vision created together”, he expressed.

And regarding the formation of the team, he remarked: “You have to go find people who are better than you, and if they’re not, they’re not going to be able to climb. It is a challenge against the ego of each one because it is very difficult to attract someone better. In short, you have to have a well-positioned ego”.


“If you are surrounded by people who are better than you, who you trust, who share the mission and help dreams improve day by day, the entrepreneur can create better”complete.



“The most important point is the execution, since creating something new is extraordinarily difficult. You have to innovate and change the rules of the game, and be extremely flexible along the way”Barbieri assured. And there the client and his experience are added: “If you do not understand what the user wants at each moment, you cannot be a good entrepreneur“.

Regarding the environment of the rules of the game, the CEO reflected: “We have to push competition in society. A single existing monopoly degrades markets and ideas. You have to win and lose, and thus raise the market. Therefore, sell, compete, win us. With more competition we are going to be more competitive and it will be better for our country, the region and for everyone”.


True to his passion for history, Barbieri referred to the Niccolò Machiavelli’s book “The Prince”: “The most difficult moment for any leader is when he has to change orders because those who benefited from the previous ones are going to fight for the new ones and the people who benefit from the new ones do not yet have strength within the organization”.


“The paths of an entrepreneur are not linear. It’s difficult because it requires quite deep changes in the organization’s structure, mission, country, market, everything. But you have to have the strength to modify when you have to do it and bank it”he concluded.

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