The tombstone of László Benkő was inaugurated

On April 30, the tombstone of Omega’s keyboardist, who died a year and a half ago, was inaugurated at the Farkasréti Cemetery. Afterwards, the family welcomed dozens of memorials to the tree in front of the house of the popular musician, in the pavilion in the corner of Horváth Garden.

The tombstone could only be made now because the cemetery had to wait for the earth to settle. The initiation took place in the framework of a Catholic ceremony. The founder of Omega died in November 2020 at the age of 77 after a long illness.

Omega’s frontman, János Kóbor, died a year later, in December 2021, and András Trunkos, the band’s manager, spoke in February this year that Omega could return to the stage for a commemorative concert.

But without Stray how? Who will sing? I would have expected him to sing even at the memorial concert. I never believed … János Kóbor can’t die. And he let me down because he died

Said András Trunkos.

György Molnár Elefán, the band’s guitarist, has a hard time dealing with the loss of his friends. He revealed that he is trying to bury his grief in the writing of the lyrics, and he also wants to commemorate László Benkő, János Kóbor and Tamás Mihály, who died in 2020.

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