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The trial for the murder of Félix Valdez began

The defendant, Catalino

Started the trial for the murder of Félix Valdez that occurred two years ago in the district of Villa Atuel.

The debate chaired by Judge Néstor Murcia takes place in the San Rafael Congress Center and has as its accused Catalino “El chacqueño” Duré Rojas what faces charges for minor injuries, injuries and duress and the most serious of all is homicide criminis causa in real contest with armed robbery.

On the first day of the trial, the prosecutor Pablo Peñasco presented to the jury the reasons that support the accusation while Jorge Luque, the official defender, assured that the accused did not kill Rojas.

The homicide dates back to July 26, 2020. Félix Valdez was a rural worker who lived in the district of Villa Atuel. The 63-year-old man had his throat cut and then set on fire.


During the initial arguments, the prosecution threaded a succession of events that ended in Valdez’s death.

“Duré Rojas first injured a young man who will come to testify as a witness. Then, being drunk and completely out of control, he threatened and he injured Don Félix Valdez demanding that he make him eat. After that fight, he forgot his cell phone in the victim’s house and publicly said that he would get it back in any way.”, Pablo Peñasco explained to the jury.

The defendant, Catalino “El Chaqueño” Duré together with the defense attorneys. (Judiciary Press/)

According to the prosecutor’s account, Valdez had commented among his neighbors and acquaintances that he was afraid they would kill him and that he had even collected signatures for the accused to be expelled from La Izuelina, in Villa Atuel.

After that, Duré returned to Don Félix’s house, cut his neck, left him unconscious in bed and set him on fire.”, Peñasco pointed out.

It was not him

The defense of Catalino Duré assured that Duré Rojas defended himself in the first two events.

It will be proven that he was not the only one injured during those discussions and that he defended himself”, said the lawyer Jorge Luque.

According to the account of the official defender, “Duré Rojas was not the person who killed the victimwill be proven throughout the debate”, he concluded.

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