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The two little-known loves of Gustavo Petro, whom he has far from him

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The elected president of Colombia has shown himself to be a family man, surrounded by the five children he had from his three marriages. Nevertheless, She has rarely been seen with her little granddaughters, as she is in France.

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Gustavo Petro and his granddaughters, his other two great loves

Luna and Victoria, as the other two great loves of Petro are calledwere born and are being raised in French territory, where Andrea Petro, the eldest of the president’s daughters and mother of the girls, settled.

Despite his young age, the granddaughters of the former mayor of Bogotá are “familiar” with himl, told Andrea in Semana, and they even get excited when they see it on television.

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“They call him ‘Papa Gus.’ […] They gave us rag dolls with my dad’s face, or they take the book and give him little kisses, but hey, it’s about having a long-distance relationship, “he said.

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Petro’s daughter, the product of his second marriage, also helps his relationship with his granddaughters, he added. “I always try to show them photos, videos, tell them who the family is.”

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During part of the presidential campaign, Andrea Petro traveled to Bogotá to accompany her father and the rest of the family. With her she brought one of her daughters, who was present when Petro exercised his right to vote in the first round of the presidential elections.

Another of those who traveled to be with Petro was Sofia, who has a brother who was adopted by her father. She is also studying abroad, but she traveled to Colombia, with her European boyfriend, to be in the now president’s campaign.

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