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According to the Russians, they returned from their holiday in Bulgaria this week and decided to spend the night in Hungary on their way to Russia – wrote it At the same time, travelers booked accommodation at the Premier Hotel in Miskolc on Upon arrival, they settled in without any problems, but the overnight stay did not last long.

We were getting ready for bed when the director called. He asked us to leave immediately

said Oleg and Tatyana.

The couple said that the owner of the hotel is Ukrainian, and they are Russian. That was the only reason for the eviction.

The owner is currently in the war zone and it was his order that people with Russian passports are not allowed in his hotel

they added.

The problem is solved

The two young people quickly found another hotel in a nearby street where they could spend the night without any problems. The couple filed a complaint with describing their situation. They got their money back without any problems after the incident was not the fault of the guests.

The Russian Consulate General in Debrecen wrote a letter to the mayor’s office in Miskolc, describing the incident. Rita Szántó, the press officer of the mayor’s office in Miskolc, told our newspaper that they did indeed receive a letter, but in this case, consumer protection has the right to act.

The Consulate General also requested information from the hotel, which they have not yet received.