José María Villalón, the Atlético de Madrid doctor (Photo: Public)
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The Vatican summoned the head of Atlético Madrid’s medical services to treat the osteoarthritis that affects Pope Francis in one of his knees and that forces him to use a wheelchair more and more frequently.

Is about Jose Maria Villalonexpert in traumatology and sports medicine.

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Powerless with his genius, in the first meeting between the two, the Pope could not avoid talking about football and especially one of the footballers of the Madrid team and the Argentine team: Angel Correa, who previously played for San Lorenzo, a team from that the Supreme Pontiff is a fan. Correa was urgently summoned to the World Cup in Qatar after Joaquín Correa was injured.

Osteoarthritis in one of his knees has led the Pope to reduce his official schedule in recent months and move with the help of a cane or directly in a wheelchair.

How was the Vatican’s call to the Atlético Madrid doctor

Villalón told the Spanish chain cope who received a call to meet the Pontiff. “Both the Episcopal Conference and the Vatican Nunciature in Spain asked a group of specialists if we could help the Pope, due to the situation he is going through. We see him in a wheelchair, and Let’s see if we can help you improve your mobility and stop your arthritic process”, he explained.

José María Villalón, the Atlético de Madrid doctor (Photo: Public)

Villalón is a supernumerary member of Opus Dei and has worked in the mattress club since 1995.

The doctor commented that Francisco suffers from “an arthritic process that affects several joints: sometimes it starts with a joint with osteoarthritis and other joints deteriorate because they are loaded more than necessary. And he is looking for this not to progress and for things to get better, ”he said.

In addition, he said that he had already had a meeting with Jorge Bergoglio and said that he has “a great personality, he is very well, very lucid psychologically, he is a very pleasant, affable, friendly and He likes football”.

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It is a very nice patient, and very stubborn in the sense that there are surgical proposals that he does not want. You have to offer him more conservative treatments so that he agrees, ”she indicated.

As he commented, he is optimistic. “To the Papa can help him, he helps us with everything else, but we will at least be able to advise the doctors who are with him on a day-to-day basis”.

The Pope’s love for Ángel Correa

The specialist said that in his meeting with Francisco they talked about Atlético Madrid and the footballer of the team and member of the Argentine national team Angel Correa.

“He is very fond of her. The Pope is a fan of San Lorenzo, and being the team’s chaplain, he confirmed it, so they have a mutual affection”, he stated and concluded: “I hope to have to return because the first visit was a first contact”.

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