The fatal victims died on the way to the hospital.

A fatal fire broke out at dawn this Thursday in a building located in Ecuador at 1000, in Recoletain which At least 5 people died.

The desperation of the neighbors Before the incident, it was recorded in photos and videos that they shared on the networks. It happened on the seventh floor.

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They put out the fire in which at least 5 people died in Recoleta

After the intense work of 7 fire crews, the fire was put out. The tension was extreme and the situation, which ended with at least 5 people dead, caused the workers, who arrived at the scene at dawn, They couldn’t hold back their tears.

The strong scene was transmitted by TV Chronicle, after confirming that the victims, who had initially been rescued alive, had died.

The moment when several rescuers hugged each other, moved by the harsh situation. (Video: courtesy Crónica TV).

The fatal victims died on the way to the hospital.

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