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When you think of Vienna, the first things that usually come to mind are the opera and the Sacher cake. But one of the country’s most iconic dishes, or best known outside its borders, is a breaded cutlet. Yes, today we are going to talk about thin slices of breaded and fried meat. In Vienna, they are even the subject of competitions and exist in an infinite number of versions.

Traditionally made with veal, Viennese schnitzels are now sometimes prepared with juicier pork leg, turkey or chicken. Some make them with marinated or macerated meat, others top them with a little parsley and a slice of lemon, and still others prefer them plain to fully appreciate their flavor.

We won’t try to make you believe that the first breaded cutlet was made in Vienna (we wouldn’t dare), even if some legends claim it. One can only note that the first time this dish was mentioned in a cookbook under the name of“Viennese Schnitzel” [Wiener Schnitzel]it was in 1831, in Die Süddeutsche Küche (“The cuisine of southern Germany”), by Katharina Prato.

To make Viennese cutlets, you have to start with the co

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