The photo that panicked the fans.
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The Qatar World Cup 2022 It has already started and the Argentine National Team will debut in hours against Saudi Arabia. Lionel Messi and Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference and everything seems to be ready for a new participation in search of the great objective.

But hours before, the Argentine captain was a trend due to the viralization of a photo of his right ankle. There was concern because it was believed that his presence at the first meeting was in some kind of dangeradded to the fact that he trained differentiated in recent days.

The photo that panicked the fans. (affp/)

However, there is nothing to worry about since it is a long-standing injury that only causes inflammation without any discomfort.

The combo of Argentine National Team and swollen ankle can only bring to mind a proper name: Diego Armando Maradona. Fluff He played in the 1990 World Cup in Italy and due to the large number of fouls he received, his left ankle was practically identical to a tennis ball.

This is how Diego Maradona's ankle had in Italy 90.

This is how Diego Maradona’s ankle had in Italy 90. (capture /)

The difference is that in the case of the former MouthYes, it was an injury and it caused him a lot of pain. Beyond that, he managed to lead the Selection of Carlos Bilardo until the end of that world Cupwhere they lost to Germany 1-0.

The photo of confusion: Maradona’s “false” ankle that goes viral again

Every time you remember the 1990 World Cup in Italy and the swollen left ankle of Diego Armando Maradona, circulates a photo that is attributed to him. However, it is about Juan Marcelo ojedaformer goalkeeper of Central Rosary Y River.

Juan Marcelo Ojeda's ankle is always confused with Diego Maradona's.

Juan Marcelo Ojeda’s ankle is always confused with Diego Maradona’s. (twitter/)

It corresponds to the year 2006 and that injury occurred during a match between the Scoundrel and Institute. There, the goalkeeper collided with Daniel Miliki Jimenez and suffered the rupture of the joint capsule, compromising the external lateral ligament. He spent almost two months without playing again.

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