The viral plane reappeared and asked "thousand pesos a minute" to give an interview

Mariana Alfonzo, the viral planner, decided to charge the “minute” in the interview that it provides in the media. It should be remembered that she was offered a job that he turned down on air. Was the Chicken Alvarezdriver of “Moment D” who announced the news on his show.

Now, Mariana gets paid for giving stories in the media. He quoted us one thousand pesos per minute of interview, but there is a minimum of 15 minutes”, they explained on the show.

According to the same source, Mariana has a representative. “Also, now you have a representative and upload several videos to social networks”, they remarked. Alfonzo became famous for her sayings that soon went viral throughout the country. Phrases like: “If they pay us to be on the ‘cuete’, the President’s problem and ours that we want to be on the cuete”, “people who work are of no use to us” and “if we want to continue to be on the rocks and continue having children like rabbits, we are going to continue to fart and we are going to continue having children like rabbits”.

social plan vs. assignments: the debate on social security opened by Mariana Alfonzo, the “viral planner”

I communicate by this means to inform you that as requested we could agree on the sum of one thousand pesos per minute in a contractual and scheduled manner, contemplating the specific situation”, was Alfonzo’s response to the request for an interview. “The minimum is 15 minutes”, they remarked in the same program.

The representative answered the same to La Nación+. Chantal Defago is the woman who manages the planera press: “I tell you the same thing that I tell everyone who is calling. Mariana Alfonzo is not going to do any free interview for anyone. When they come to me with a money proposal for her, we are only going to attend interviews there.”

It should be remembered that Alfonso was left without the social plan Empower Work where she already had a partial suspension for failing to comply with the labor compensation.

Chantal’s words

Given the media coverage, Chantal, who appears on Instagram as a hairdresser and future lawyer, published an extensive text. I want to make something clear I did not look for Mariana to represent her, she looked for me. I am not his media defender nor do I support all his sayings. She contacted me to be her representative and do everything legal. because the media did not stop persecuting her. I am a senior student at the UBA, I work in a law firm in Court where we had an appointment with Mariana on Thursday,” the post begins.

And he continues: “From that appointment My job was to agree on their interviews in a contractual framework, amounts and terms that I communicated to the media that contacted me, since Mariana gave them my cell phone and asked me to arrange their interviews. She helped her as she would help anyone who needs legal advice from me. I want to clarify that my work is of a strictly legal nature.

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