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The former politician, also referred to as “KGBéla” by his acquaintances, was sentenced to five years in prison at the end of September. However, after the verdict, it emerged: Béla Kovács may be able to win a free trial, as he is presumed to be in Russia, and it is unlikely that he would be extradited by the Russian authorities.

In our last article, we reported that he had completely lost track of the convicted politician. He no longer communicates with those who have managed to reach him so far, and his lawyers claim that they do not know where he is.

In light of this, it is not surprising that Béla Kovács has now appeared on the police website as one of the wanted persons. They wrote that the arrest warrant against him was issued for budget fraud, and based on this, the warrant was ordered. The latter is explained by the fact that, in addition to espionage, the court found him guilty of the crime of budget fraud and forgery of private documents.

The warrant was ordered by the Budapest District Court, and the procedure is being carried out by the Szentendre police station – revealed from the data published on It has also been suggested that an international arrest warrant may be issued against Béla Kovács, but it is not yet known whether this has already happened.