Weather: Rains from Matanzas to Guantánamo

🌦️ Cloudiness will be abundant in much of the country. Isolated showers and thunderstorms will occur during the afternoon, mainly in the western region and in the interior of the rest of the territory.

🌡️Minimum temperatures in the morning will be between 21 and 24 degrees Celsius, higher in coastal areas. The maximum temperatures in the afternoon will be between 30 and 33 degrees Celsius, higher in some locations in the interior and in the eastern region.

🌬️The winds will be weak variables; from the end of the morning they will blow from the northeast to the east between 10 and 25 kilometers per hour, with breezes on the south coast during the afternoon.

🌊 There will be calm seas on the north central coast and little waves on the rest of the coastlines, which will reach waves starting in the afternoon in the north east.

🌙Next lunar phase: DECREASE FOURTH on 6/20/2022.

For the next 3 days: the weak anticyclonic influence will predominate. There will be some showers and electrical storms during the afternoons, due to the atmospheric instability conditions typical of this time of year, derived from the strong daytime heating, sufficient humidity content, the transit of tropical waves to the south of Cuba, the proximity of a trough with frontal characteristics, and the proximity of a higher low to the west of the country. Extreme temperatures will continue to be high and with little variation.

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