A cyberattack left the European Parliament website out of service (Photo: EFE)
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The European Parliament website suffered a distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyberattack on Wednesday that prevented access to the page for more than two hours.

”The availability of Parliament’s website is currently affected by high levels of external network traffic. The traffic is related to a computer denial of service (DDoS) attack.

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The attack came after the European Parliament passed a resolution on Wednesday that classifies Russia as a “terrorist promoting country” as a result of hisdeliberate attacks and atrocities against the Ukrainian population” after the invasion of the neighboring country. He also asked the 27 countries of the bloc to accompany this recognition.

A group of Russian hackers claimed responsibility for the cyberattack that put the European Parliament website out of service

The teams of the European Parliament are working to solve this problem as soon as possible,” the spokesman for the European Parliament wrote on Twitter. james duch.

Although parliamentary sources were unable to verify the identity of the attackers, the pro-Russian hacker group Killnet claimed responsibility on its Telegram channel.

A cyberattack left the European Parliament website out of service (Photo: EFE)

It is suspected that the same group is behind other attacks in recent days against computer services of the White House, the British Royal House and some French administrations.

The President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsolaresponded in a Twitter message “Slava Ukraine” (Glory to Ukraine), In addition, he said that it was “a sophisticated cyberattack”.

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Parliamentary sources told EFE that access to the website of the European Parliament had been restored, although some minor attacks were still registered.

DDoS attacks work by blocking access due to excessive demands. In a statement the German Green MEP rasmus andresen He stressed that the attack occurred after “the adoption of a resolution critical of Russia.”

”We know that the perpetrators of these attacks are always found in autocratic states that want to harm Europe. We are not sufficiently prepared for these attacks, ”he warned.

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