The WHO supports the study of a new vaccine against Covid based on the Omicron variant

The World Health Organization (WHO) said an updated Covid-19 vaccine for the contagious Omicron variant may be warranted.

The Geneva-based global health group said in a statement Friday that “the potential benefit of updated Omicron vaccines should be studied,” as research indicates that “a modified composition of the vaccine against covid-19 could be justified to enhance immune protection.

The statement is not a policy recommendation, the WHO said.

Covid-19: scientists detected a new mutation in the most contagious subvariant of Omicron

The Omicron variant and a number of sub-strains have accelerated the spread of covid-19, making it highly contagious even among those with full vaccination and booster schedules.

However, the variant has been less deadly than the previous ones, with fewer hospitalizations and deaths. Public health officials have warned that new variants of the covid-19 virus could prove more deadly than previous ones.

The WHO said its Technical Advisory Group on vaccine composition suggests that “as a booster dose, orA specific monovalent vaccine against Omicron could cause a greater amplitude in the immune response” than those based on the initial version of the virus.

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