The World Cup 3x3 starts today for Julie Vanloo and the Belgian Cats: “Wonderful to be able to experience this at a top level”

Tonight the 3X3 Cats will start the 3X3 World Championship at the Groenplaats in Antwerp. In addition to Ine Joris, Laure Resimont Becky Massey, the quartet also includes the experienced Belgian Cat Julie Vanloo (29) in the selection. “I’m really looking forward to the 3X3 World Cup in my own country and in Antwerp,” said Julie Vanloo.

Patrick Ceulemans

Julie Vanloo is a real globetrotter and has already played classic basketball almost all over the world (including France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Hungary, Russia, Australia, Sweden). At the age of 29, she is also one of the experienced players in the Belgian Cats, she won two bronze medals at a European Championship, came fourth at the World Cup, reached the quarterfinals at the Olympic Games in Tokyo last summer and has already won more than 100 selections on the counter.

Julie Vanloo is also very passionate about 3X3 basketball. With her moves and her fine shot she has an excellent profile for this discipline. “With teammates such as Becky Massey, Laure Resimont and Ine Joris, we are a complementary foursome,” says Julie Vanloo. The 3X3 Cats open tonight (5:30 PM) in group C versus Mongolia (FIBA 6) and at 9:35 PM versus Egypt (FIBA 12). 20 countries compete for the world title in both the men’s and women’s competitions. These countries are divided into four groups of five. The group winner qualifies directly for the quarterfinals. From the quarterfinals there is a knockout formula. The second and third of each group will play the 1/8th finals first. For the numbers 4 and 5, the World Cup ends after the group stage.

“We are also in a tough group with Poland (FIBA 3) and the Dominican Republic (FIBA 15). We realize that and we look at it match by match. Qualifying for the next round is our first challenge. Playing in our own country and in Antwerp is of course a big advantage for us. The matches of the Belgians are sold out and that will undoubtedly give a great boost. That we have little experience? Correct when it comes to 3X3. We did play a lot together at the Belgian Cats and that is an advantage. I used to play a lot of recreational 3X3 basketball. Just for fun and it’s great that I can now experience it at a top level,” says Julie Vanloo.

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