The world-famous Hungarian photographer would surely be there in Ukraine

Let’s figure out an exciting, multidimensional figure. Add to your past some tragedy, an accidental purpose in life, charm, adventures, professional success, exciting privacy. This character should preferably be Hungarian, who will become known worldwide. His life should be crossed by such great names that everyone admires both at home and abroad. And since the dramas engrave the biggest wounds in the heart, penetrating deeper than the hepiendes, we close the story with a tragic death.

What is certain is that whatever, that is, whoever we invent, the story and person will never be as exciting as Robert Capa, whose life is equally met by the above stipulations, and since we are talking about a real person, it beats all fiction from the outset.

The performance of the Spinoza Theater is about one of the most exciting Hungarians, which may be interesting for those who have not heard anything about Capa’s life, but also for those who know its history.

Endre Friedmann (1913-1954) was born in Budapest and became a world-famous war correspondent and photographer under the name of Robert Capa. She was a bohemian, an adventurer, a womanizer who did not know fear in war, but even more so in love. The drama, which tells the story of his adventures, takes place between 1929 and 1954 in Budapest, Berlin, Paris, New York and Amsterdam.

The goal of the Spinoza Theater is to teach by entertaining with its own productions. The performance Capa, the world-famous photographer, was born in the spirit of this idea, which also introduces the mysteries of modern photography and war reporting. We see Capa in the Spanish Civil War, the Sino-Japanese War, North Africa, the landings in Normandy, and finally the fatal Indochina War for him.

Along the way, he comes in contact with people like Trotsky, Frida Kahlo, George Orwell, Ernest Hemingway, President Roosevelt, Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, John Steinbeck, Pablo Picasso or just Ben Gurion.

In addition to the history of many fights and strange encounters, we also see the stormy affairs of love, so it turns out that one of the most famous Hungarians, who left more than 70,000 photos for posterity, was not only a war hero, but also a women’s favorite.

It would be there in Ukraine

In the drama, Capa is accompanied by his childhood friend Éva Besnyő (1910-2003), one of the most famous photographers in the Netherlands. His works circulate around the world in the form of postcards in hundreds of thousands. The artist, who is also of Hungarian descent, gained a name in the Netherlands before the war, and then further increased his popularity when he became a “home photographer” of the women’s movement of the 1970s.

Petra Grisnik and Kristóf Ódor, as well as Éva Besnyő and Robert Capa, are childhood friends. They went to a school, choosing the theater circle only instead of the photography profession. There is a similar complicity between the two characters as there was an alliance between the two photographers.

During the work, the actors also thought a lot about the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war. “It’s an interesting situation that I have to hide in the skin of a war photographer right now. It often happens that we deal with a theme, a role in the theater and what we are talking about appears around us. I am sure that if Capa lived, wherever she was, she would travel to Ukraine immediately.

Said Kristóf Ódor.

Capa, the world-famous photographer, is seen twice at the Spinoza Theater in May, one of which is May 24, which is also an important date because Robert Capa died on May 24, 1954 in Vietnam, where he stepped into a mine while photographing.

(Cover image: Eszter Gordon / Spinoza Theater)

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