Dungeon boss Jörn Kotzur lets Lilo and Marie von Kiesenwetter look into the future.


“Witches’ Wrath” started with “Celebrity Big Brother” star!

By Bjorn Strauss

Berlin – Recently hung Witches high above Alex – now they came “alive” at the Berlin Dungeon Theater. That celebrated its premiere of the new “The Wrath of the Witches” show on Saturday. Also on board: celebrity seers Lilo von Kiesenwetter (68) with her daughter Marie and Germany’s most famous witch ShiSha Rainbow.

Dungeon boss Jörn Kotzur lets Lilo and Marie von Kiesenwetter look into the future. © Berlin Dungeon

The Berlin Dungeon Theater is celebrating the premiere of the new, permanent show this Saturday, just in time for Walpurgis Night.

A unique “Berlin Dungeon” experience awaited the guests at the premiere. Professional actors and actresses from the theater took visitors through old Berlin in the days of the plague, through the Hohenzollern crypt or through the torture cellar of the old city palace.

The big highlight was of course the new witch show: “It is the scariest and most intense show experience that we have in the Berlin Dungeon. The story is based on the witch trials in Bernau near Berlin. From around 1617-1625, 28 people were killed in Bernau during burned during witch hunts,” explains Janina Gondolatsch, theater director of the interactive theater.

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And further: “Even the smallest offences, such as a little too much knowledge of herbalism or a couple of bakers who had success with their business too quickly, were enough.”

Lilo von Kiesenwetter is delighted with the interested audience

Meeting of the experts - ShiSha Rainbow with Lilo and Marie von Kiesenwetter.

Meeting of the experts – ShiSha Rainbow with Lilo and Marie von Kiesenwetter. © Berlin Dungeon

Among the guests at the premiere were celebrity visionaries Marie and Lilo von Kiesenwetter, who drew the cards for visitors.

Lilo von Kiesenwetter has long been the visionary of choice for numerous celebrities and became known throughout Germany in 2019 with her appearance on “Promi Big Brother”.

“We are excited about the large number of people who are interested in witchcraft and the subject,” says seer Lilo von Kiesenwetter. “A really great event and an interesting audience.”

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“It’s great to see such an event and also that so many want to know what we can see for them,” says Marie von Kiesenwetter. “It’s always something special to meet people who are naturally interested, because they are usually particularly critical.”

Also in the witches’ cauldron: Germany’s most famous witch – “ShiSha Rainbow”

The Dungeon Berlin was secured with ropes on April 21 without a double bottom "his" Hover witches over the Alex!

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Germany’s most famous #witchtok witch ShiSha Rainbow with millions of likes on TikTok mixed her “Spell Jars” together with the guests.

Already on Wednesday she streamed her witch show live from the dungeon, which has reached 150,000 followers via her social media. Shisha is a true Berliner with German-Australian roots and a sixth-generation mystic.

Incidentally, the small glasses are considered a good omen and visitors could choose between recipes for love, peace and mental health.

“I was very enthusiastic about the entire show. There are many moments of surprise and it has a great balance between tension and humorous sharing. For me, this premiere is also a first official fan meeting that has never existed before. That’s special for me precious because we’re celebrating Walpurgis today. It’s so nice to be able to spend this together with people who are just as excited as I am.”

The new show is now a permanent part of the Berlin Dungeon Theater. The interactive theater is open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tickets are available online at berlindungeon.de or for last-minute decision-makers directly on site.

Cover photo: Berlin Dungeon

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