Book Fair in Puerto Rico

Under the slogan “The footprints of singing” a new edition of the Book Fair is held in tribute to the missionary singer-songwriters Ramón Ayala, Joselo Schuap and the musician Danilo Santinelli. At the opening, Cecilia Gallero, a local researcher, Carlos Alberto Luna and Cecilia Prieto de Corrientes were all present. members of a CONICET research team that presented “Science at your School”. Then Norberto Rivas, from Posadas as a referent of the project “The way of reading” of the Library April 2.

Also, Celso Limberger, Patricia Petrazzini, Noelia Kleiner and Lorena Luft from PROCAyPA (Capiovi) presented “When School DOes Matter” and the local writer, Alberto Szretter, presented his new project for compilation of works by young writers from the region “Neaconatus Jam”.

Book Fair in Puerto Rico (Misiones Online/)

Myrtha Magdalena Moreno arrived from Posadas with “Myr…Art” and Elsa Fabiana Cantero, also from the capital city, presented “Do you want me to tell you a story?”

From Puerto Iguazú, Claudio Salvador, a communicator and writer who lived in Puerto Rico for many years, exposed “Behind the Landscape”. The closing was in charge of Karozo Zuetta.

For This Saturday, August 6, the book fair proposes the continuity of the sale and exhibition of books from 4:00 p.m. and from 7:00 p.m. In addition to the welcome by the organizers, A tribute will be paid to Ramón Ayala with a production by Rodolfo Vega.

In the presentation of authors and works will be the Word Search Group of Puerto Esperanza represented by Carmen Vera, Andrea Reyes and Serena Aquino with the work “I was there, with hope we look at the Malvinas.”

From Eldorado, Theodosio Barrios will arrive with the Workshop “Walking Word” and its “First Anthology of the Montecarlo Literary Workshop” and Elsa Dora Ortiz with “They say that…Misiones Medicinal Plants”.

Book Fair in Puerto Rico

Book Fair in Puerto Rico (Misiones Online/)

Montecarlo will also be present with the “Volume 16 of Life Stories of Monte Carlo and the Region” by Guillermo Aicheler and Norma Ranger and with the presentation “Poetry Collected” by Rosta Escalada Except by Verónica Stockmayer.

On the other hand, there will be Fernando Muller with “The sweet and the bitter of honey in Misiones”Marcela Vazquez, from Oberá, with “Car Escape” and Ana Barchuck with “Stories of Collectives”.

At the close and on the stage of Paseo Mi Solar, “Vivac”, a local music band, will perform.

Book Fair in Puerto Rico

Book Fair in Puerto Rico (Misiones Online/)

The last day will be Sunday, August 7, which will also open the sale and exhibition at 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Tribute will be paid to Joselo Schuap.

In the presentation of authors and works will be the local writer Mercedes Jiménez with “Invisible Threads” more Tina Gomez with “Short Stories” and Analía Werle with “River water” that will be added from Capioví.

Then the journalist and writer Sergio Álvez will present “discoverer” and Basilio Sawchuk Kobalchuk, from Posadas, will speak about “Mate and Tereré with Medicinal Species”.

The sample is mounted inside the Paseo Mi Solar (located at Av. San Martín 2115) and proposes a route where volumes and music merge to give relevance to the motto of the 2022 edition “The footprints of singing”.

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