The young man who bought five houses thanks to the book "Rich father poor father"

Most of his income comes from his work as an installer for an electrical service company where he works an average of 60 hours per week -with a base salary of 120 thousand dollars per year-, added to this is the overtime for which earns more than 200 thousand dollars a year.

His passive profits come from his entrepreneurship, a lawn care and snow removal company ($3,600 per year); and the monthly rent of its five tenants ($1,600 per month). In addition, currently the young has a Youtube channel in which he explains to his followers how to manage finances and shows how he does it in his daily life.

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within the bills, the American counts the 400 dollars that he spends monthly for food, the 300 dollars for household products, the 200 dollars for gasoline and the 95 dollars needed for the maintenance of his vehicle. In addition, Sánchez decided to have an annual savings quota of 7,000 dollars to be able to continue investing.

At the interview, Sánchez assured that he aspires to become a millionaire before the age of 30 and that, by the way it comes, he feels that he will soon achieve it.

his training

During the interview, he stated that he did not complete any of his formal studies but what he got where he is thanks to the personal finance books he read, which taught him to manage his money. One of them, he remarked she, had been “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by author Robert Kiyosaki. In the book, Kiyosaki precisely breaks the myth that financial success requires a high salary, a premise that Sánchez applied.

Another of the books that taught him about financial stability was “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramseythe text explains how to keep personal finances from going off the rails and how to build good savings.

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