The apartment from where the teenagers threw the ice.  (Photo: Kindness The Capital)

During the afternoon of this Sunday, the three adolescents accused of the crime of Martín Mora Negretti gave their version: admitted being present at the scene, but They denied being the perpetrators of the murder.

For the accuracy of witness statements, one of the defendants could be disassociated from the case and the other two are getting more and more complicated.

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Although details of the hearing did not come out, the defendants – 14 and two 15-year-olds – reportedly pointed to two other people as the perpetrators of the murder and assured that they did not carry weapons.

However, they recognized that, before the discussion with Mora Negretti and her friend began, they were the ones who threw the bags of ice into the street from the department, located on the corner of Rawson and Sarmiento.

One of the defendants could be dismissed of the case in the next few hours, according to the local newspaper The capital. In that sense, witness statement -a friend of the murdered young man and two women who were with them- further compromise the other two defendants. In their testimony, they said that the attackers wore certain clothes and it would coincide with the clothes that the teenagers had.

The apartment from where the teenagers threw the ice. (Photo: Kindness The Capital)

However, the investigators await the appearance of more witnesses and the expert analysis of different kidnapped items, including a knife. In addition, the prosecutor investigates if there are security cameras in the area in order to clarify the fact.

Yáñez Urrutia asked the Guarantee Justice for a precautionary security measure with unaccountable minors so that they remain housed in the Batan Admission and Referral Center (CAD). This request must be analyzed by the judge, Rosa Frende, who intervenes in the Juvenile Justice because the court in turn is headless.

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How was the attack on the tourist in Mar del Plata

Martín Mora Negretti was a native of Mar del Plata, but lived in the City of Buenos Aires. Since it was a long weekend, he had decided to go enjoy his hometown when he was attacked.

The young man and his friend were walking towards the bus stop, in Sarmiento at 2600, when they observed that bags of ice were being thrown from the seventh floor. What one of those bags came very close to hitting them, They began to reproach the minors.

As a result of that incident, a discussion with the teenagers broke out and they exchanged a series of insults. The situation began to escalate and several people from the building came out to confront the two men.

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At that time, the 23-year-old girl and the three teenagers came over and they started stabbing them in the back. Mora Negretti and her friend fell to the floor and the assailants immediately entered the building.

The victims were taken to the Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos (HIGA) where, minutes later, Mora Negretti died from the severity of her injuries. Meanwhile, his friend received medical attention and was released.

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