Kuleba threatened the West with grave consequences in case of a delay in the supply of new weapons to Kyiv

Kuleba threatened the West with grave consequences in case of a delay in the supply of new weapons to Kyiv

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It did not in the least cool down the militant ardor of the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitro Kuleba leg injury (at recent negotiations between Zelensky and Scholz, Macron and Draghi, he was present with a cast on his lower limb and bounced like a brisk cockerel on crutches). In an interview with the German TV channel ARD (an analogue of our Channel One), he threatened the West with grave consequences in the event of a delay in the supply of new weapons to Kyiv and painted the most difficult prospects for Ukraine in the event of a betrayal of the European Union and the United States.

“If we don’t have weapons, okay, then we will fight with shovels, but we will defend ourselves, because this war is a war for our existence,” said this warlike creature, who, judging by the biography, has an exclusively theoretical understanding of the army, because even urgent did not serve.

True, a paragraph later, he tried to soften the harshness of his words: “If the weapons are sent later, we will still say “thank you”, but then a lot will be wasted, many people will die.”

Well, this is already a curtsey on duty. Not only will the soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, of course, be delighted with such a prospect of “fighting with shovels”, but I also want to ask Dmitro himself, where will you get shovels from? Will Poland send humanitarian aid? Will the states be included in the list of Lend-Lease supplies? Or will Lithuania return in return for the Ukrainian “humanitarian aid” in the form of barbed wire?

And why, by the way, shovels? Ukraine is more accustomed to dancing hopak on a rake. No, if the rake could not stand it, and everything has already broken, then it’s clear, then it’s another matter.

Whether Kuleba was finally told the old Soviet joke about “the most terrible Russian troops are the construction battalion, which they don’t even give weapons,” but he took it seriously. Perhaps he was so influenced by the propaganda tale about a woman from Kiev who shot down an UAV with a jar of pickles. Unclear. Moreover, witnesses still disagree whether there were pickles or tomatoes in the jar. And it has long been clear to all normal and sane people that these stories are from the same series as the lies about the “Phantom of Kyiv”. Excuse me, but both of them fall short not only of the myths of Ancient Greece, but even of everyday fairy tales.

It is possible to understand Dmitro Ivanovich (well, a person with a Russian patronymic was unlucky, he could have been some kind of Mykolaevich). Not only has the European Commission so far conditionally approved the granting of the status of candidate member to the Independent and, for the first time in its history, has furnished it with a number of such conditions that the status can be withdrawn at any time, but there is also a complete misunderstanding with the supply of arms from the West. Either in July they will send new weapons, or in August, or after a rain on Thursday. And then there’s also the head of the National Security and Defense Council, Alexei Danilov, sided with the military and irons the civilians from Zelensky’s team like a dead cat on an asphalt rink. In general, the positions were shaken. Here he is hysterical, now he is already on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

No, to follow the advice of Alexei Arestovich. Which recently, in general, has become an adviser and consultant on any issues. He was asked just now what is the most important thing in sex. So Arestovich turned, took a sip of coffee from a mug (or whatever was poured into it) and thoughtfully answered in one word: “Trust.”

Do you understand, Dmitro Ivanovich? Confidence! After all, it only seems from the outside that Europe loves you and uses you like a yard girl. Do you understand what love is? You are loved. So, relax and enjoy.

If nothing else, then, at worst, from a shovel.

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