These are the memes that rained down on Silvia Pinal for her return to the theater

Mexico City.- The return of Silvia Pinal to the stage at 90 years old, caused an uproar in social networks, since the first actress joined the cast of the children’s play “Little Red Riding Hood ¡Qué wave con tu abuelita!”, which marks her premiere in the children’s theater genre.

In the presentation of the play before the media, the mother of the Pinal dynasty remained seated the entire time on a sofa that was adapted to a platform, so that all those present could see her.

It is said that the muse of Diego Rivera He surprised everyone by memorizing all his lines, but clearly in some scenes he was hesitant and not fully understood.

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While your children Alejandra Guzman Y Luis Enrique They were happy because the former owner of “Woman cases of real life” has the vitality of being on stage to do what she likes the most, some detractors such as the journalist Adolfo Infante They have criticized his return, since they consider that he is not of an age to continue his career.

“I send a kiss to Silvia, and in my point of view, they should not expose her, in my point of view, maybe it is what she wants, but in my opinion, Silvia should not appear publicly, “he said. driver.

After some videos of the work circulated, netizens made fun of Mrs. Pinal continuing to work, so they flooded the networks with some memes that criticize her return to the theater, since they consider that it is time for her to dedicate herself to rest. .

Another version that spreads like wildfire on the networks is that some fans speculate that the mother of Sylvia Pasquel and former senator Congress of the Union of Mexico, was manipulated by the family to go back to work, arguing that money was needed; However, in the midst of the controversy, the man of her offspring raised his voice to explain that her mother accepted her role because she wants to stay active to avoid falling into depression.

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