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The love for music runs in the family and the passion for it seems to be a plus for “Dos de Nosotros”, the band made up of the Pena brothers: Alfonsina and Francisco, 22 and 25 years old.. Both began to discover, play and innovate in the artistic world at the same time and now they choose to break it on stage.

For an 8-year-old boy – Fran at the time – discovering The Beatles was little more of a revolution than a revelation. A moment with date and place saved in his memory, where from that fact, he explored the corners of music. Meanwhile, Alfon as a little girl only dared to sing with her brother, asking her to learn songs to be able to interpret them. Currently, they went through bars in Chivilcoy, Capital Federal, private parties and were even invited to the TV show Flower Rock, LPA.

In a dialogue with Via Country, the brothers said that they were born in a house full of music, where their parents sang at family gatherings and with friends. Even his uncle, Juan Andrés Pena, is a tango and milonga composer, that is, they grew up in that environment.

There are many anecdotes, but for Alfon the memory that stuck with him the most was that “when I was little I thought that everyone sang”. “I came from a house where everyone sings: my brothers, my parents, my grandmothers. I was very sure that this was very real until one Christmas I listened to one of my aunts and it was traumatic”, the young woman remembered and joked.

Alfonsina Pena, member of “Two of Us”. (Two of us/)

The beginnings of the duo “Two of Us”

The duo began when Alfon was 16 and Fran was 19 years old, and the furor was in 2014, when they uploaded a video singing the two. “They were 15-second videos, at that time nobody did covers. It had a lot of repercussion, many ‘likes’. The years went by and we uploaded videos to Instagram”Brother Pena added.

While the duo was uploading covers to their social networks, they were called from a bar in Chivilcoy and asked: “What guys are playing live?”; to which the brothers replied no and invited them. “Since he was giving us the opportunity, the idea was to put together ten songs and go to the bar. We went as Francisco and Alfonsina Pena. We had no name. We saw that she was very cool that night. For us, who were young kids, it was very crazy to be there”, Fran said.

The complicity of the brothers is noted when choosing the name of the band. The young woman told: “We chose the name after a Beatles song ‘Two of us’, and I told Fran that we could call ourselves ‘Two of Us’. The name was round, they are brothers and two of the four, all “very familiar.” Fran remembered that they were in Paraná, in the courtyard of her grandparents’ house, when her father showed her The Beatles for the first time. For them, the British band was a fundamental pillar.

When asked if they had complications with their parents when choosing their future in music, the Pena brothers answered no, but Fran, for her part, said that her older brothers were studying or had already graduated and that is why He thought: “‘Well, I have to choose a university degree’ but it wasn’t because I felt obligated, I saw that the environment was developing like this, nobody was telling me what to choose and at no time did they tell me that I had to study something serious”.

In this sense, Alfon calls what happened to him luck: “I finished high school and by the end of fifth year we started Two of Us and my whole senior year of high school I knew what I wanted to do,” he added.

Fran Pena, member of

Fran Pena, member of “Two of Us”. (Two of us/)

“Two of Us” went through the Flor Peña program

The world is a handkerchief: after a presentation on a birthday in Mar del Plata, the duo received an unexpected proposal: go to the Flor Peña program, in America. “The same girl who hired us approaches me and says: ‘Alfon, I love what you do, I work in America and I would like to invite you to a program. Can I communicate with you?'”.

Days passed and the brothers received the producer’s message to coordinate and go. From Chivilcoy, they left for the Federal Capital, full of illusionsWell, of course, millions of people were going to see them on Argentine television.

Alfonso recounted: “We don’t talk to her. She is beautiful “to which Fran recalled how the meeting with Flor had been: “You saw those people who greet you walking and don’t stop, well it was like that. ‘Hello guys, a pleasure!’. I was surprised by the time in, there was a deployment of 30 people, technicians, producers, camera assistants. We arrived and it was quite a circus. And when they finished recording the program, they all disappeared.

The boys sang a song of their own, “Sunsets”, and a cover. They added that it was a “flash” when Flor Peña said “I present to you the Pena brothers ‘Two of Us’”. Fran joked and expressed: “It was very crazy that ‘Moni Argento’ said Pena brothers, it’s incredible”.

The future projects of the “Two of Us” duo

“We have something planned. Each one on his way, our solo careers. We want to divide the “Two of Us” project into three”, they counted That is to say, that the brothers bet so that don’t be just a duo, but that people know that on the side of Alfon and Fran they would have another genre and another sound. In fact, several weeks ago, Alfonsina Pena published her first single: “Nena Nena”.

As for our own songs, “we have few published, but they have been composed and saved to be published shortly. We have about fifty.”

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