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The Minister of Public Works, Gabriel KatopodisHe called the front of all to unify and be “up to” the problems that society is going through, in addition to issuing a strong warning if they do not.

“If not, all the Peronists and all the Argentines in history are going to beat the crap out of us.”, warned the presidential cabinet official during a conversation with radius 10. Despite his low profile, Katopodis did not hesitate to get inside the ruling party and defined the crack that deepened after the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as “difficult moments”.

Alberto Fernández was shown for the last time with Vice President Cristina Kirchner during the Opening of the Sessions in Congress.

The head of the public works portfolio stressed that what is at stake “It’s not funny, it’s serious”, so he added: “We have to be focused.” In this way, he maintained that the Front of All “has no right to waste all the effort of the people.” In relation to the letter from the Kirchnerist intellectuals, Katopodis emphasized that “moderation or the people are not at stake.”

The minister defined the Front of All as “the solution that people found in 2019 to stop and end Mauricio Macri, is the name that people gave him in a very difficult moment for many Argentines”. “Cristina and Alberto organized the how, but the what was organized in the street,” Katopodis clarified.

For this reason, he tried to remind the ruling party of the pact he made with society when he came to power, for which he stressed that “the rupture is with those who sold the country and with those who want to come back to do it faster”.

Alberto Fernández asked for an applause in Paraná for Cristina Kirchner in an attempt to close the crack

The minister maintained that what the Front of All has to do is: “Debate as we did and we have to continue doing about the best way to improve people’s purchasing power”.

Katopodis’ position on macrismo

“It is not a hypothesis that Macri wants to return, it is there. The macrismo sees the possibility of returning because the Front of All can be broken”, stated the official.

In this regard, he began to make a parallel between the proposals of the ruling party and the opposition, to make clear his position that the conflicts should not be within the bloc.

Tolosa Paz asked to “de-dramatize the differences because the real adversary is the macrismo”

Katopodis explained: “In the macrismo, they debate about how to dollarize the economy. The Front of All discusses raising rates by 30% or 40%, while Together for Change proposes raising them by 3,000%”. Thus, the head of the Public Works portfolio concluded: “Is it unity or is it Macri”.

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