They are told that they killed several in the warehouse and when they arrive the mother bursts into tears

Celaya, Guanajuato – A group of armed people entered a recycling warehouse and cornered the owner and an employee and shot them to death. When family members arrived at the scene of the crime, they burst into tears when they saw the bodies.

No, not my son, why my son, it can’t be, they killed my son,” a woman shouted inconsolably upon seeing the crude scene inside the warehouse.

The attack occurred shortly before 2:00 in the afternoon on Lago de Mayrán street, in the Lagos neighborhood. The assassins fled.

The neighbors reported the incident to the 911 emergency number and when the police and paramedics arrived they checked the people, but they had already died.

Eight shots were heard and the escape on motorcycles

About eight shots were heard, I was here in my house and then it was heard as when motorcycles start at full speed. It was the owner and an employee who were killed,” commented a neighbor.

After the attack, relatives of one of the victims arrived at the scene and when they saw the scene they burst into screams and tears.

Why him, why my son, my son can’t be dead,” the mother shouted.

Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Agency and experts were in charge of processing the crime scene.

In the warehouse, shell casings from handguns were found and the bodies were transferred to the Semefo.

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