They arrest a man who tried to run when he saw state police officers with crystal drugs

Jaral of Progress, Guanajuato.- A man ran for no apparent reason when he saw agents of the State Public Security Forces (FSPE)who caught up with him and found 10 packages of what appears to be the drug known as crystal, in Jaral of Progress.

The events began when the agents of the FSPE they made a surveillance tour on Santa Inés street corner with Santa Martha de la colony the crossin Jaral of Progress.

State agents saw a man take off running for no apparent reason, so they quickly chased him down.

Upon reaching him and stopping him, he said his name was Alejandro “N”, 44 years old. After applying a preventive review, the state police found among his belongings, 10 packages with a granulated blue substance with the characteristics of glass.

For this reason, the suspect as well as all the drugs were seized and made available to the corresponding authority.


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