They arrest 'El Bebesaurio' for murdering a teenager during a robbery at his house

A man was arrested for being allegedly responsible for murdering a 13-year-old teenager, who was alone in his home, when he broke into his home in Puebla.

This is Brandon Jarol Samuel, alias “The Babysaur”, linked to the process for murdering a 13-year-old adolescent in the municipality of Xochitlán Todos Santos.

The man is charged with capital murder.

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The day of the crime: “El Bebesaurio” killed a teenager in his house

On the night of March 12 this year, “The Babysaur” entered the minor’s home to deprive him of his life with a firearm shot and then rob.

The man took out various tools that he kept in his backpack and fled.

Last June 11, “The Babysaur” He was detained in the Guadalupe Hidalgo neighborhood in the city of Puebla.

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