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The appearance of photos of Mauricio Macri In the debut match of the Argentine National Team, it did not take long for him to anger many followers who were dispatched on social networks. The comments accusing him of “muff” They multiplied and everything settled on a call so that he no longer goes to see the Albiceleste team.

Minutes after the game ended, a call appeared on the networks on the platform to gather signatures in favor of a petition against the former president. “So that Macri does not mufe the World Cup of the Argentine National Team”has in the title.

In turn, the call requests that the leader “Don’t go to see the Argentine National Team in Qatar anymore. Out with Macri Mufa”.

Bitter debut: Argentina fell 2-1 to Saudi Arabia in the World Cup in Qatar

The petition, put together by the “Todo Negativo” site, which disseminates ideas of Kirchnerism, was put as initial goal 2,500 signaturesmark that was not long in being surpassed.

Later, the comments of repudiation of the presence of the former president multiplied and many of them preferred to opt for the slogan “anti mufa”, to block any negative influence.

Macri, in Qatar.

Macri was one of the political leaders who had the privilege of being present at one of the moments most awaited by the majority of Argentines: the debut of the National Team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Surrounded by Qataris, the former president was photographed in one of the stands of Lusail Stadium.

Mauricio Macri in Qatar

The former president was in the party in which Argentina lost 2-1 against Saudi Arabia after having been in the news twice since he arrived in that country: first he predicted a favorable performance of the National Team and before because he was recorded while he complained about problems with his suitcase at the airport.

Before the first game of the National Team, Macri had made his football analysis public. “I like how it plays”had valued on the set.

Within hours of the debut, Macri said that Argentina “is going to win the World Cup”

He also described that the set has “a clear game” and players who “know how to move with the ball, solid defenders and (Ángel) Di María in an impressive moment.”

One of the questions that they asked Macri was if he believed that Messi he deserves to win a World Cup before retiring. He replied that “clearly yes” and that “at the time we thought that there would never be someone like (Diego) Maradona and he arrived Messi“.


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