Common Good Councilors
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The neighborhood block once again reiterated a request for reports to the Municipality on the subdivisions carried out in the district and on the use and closure of Railroad Land on Villanueva street.

Council members Hugo Schamber and Lisandro Delle Donne stated, “We do not see a policy where public lands are assigned to housing, so we ask for clarification about the operation of the cadastre and about different subdivisions that have been carried out. The cadastral information must be analyzed to facilitate access to housing, but it is really difficult for us to move forward with the lack of collaboration that the ruling party has historically presented on this issue”.

In addition, they recalled that to date the government of Mariano Uset has never provided information on the situation and location of public land in the Municipality, an issue that prevents the development of policies to promote housing in the District.

Councilors for the Common Good (Vía Punta Alta/Argentina Editorial Office)

We want you to understand that the housing issue is very important. Since 2020 we propose to create a Municipal Land Bank, as a tool for ordering and transparency, but we need the commitment of those who govern to make it happen”.

From the Common Good they also added that “access to the roof is a serious problem in our community. And that many neighbors continue to acquire real estate through purchase and sale tickets and then see their dreams and sacrifices cut short. More information is needed for the community.”

The neighborhood councilors stressed the need to comply with the Fair Access to Habitat Ordinance in order to develop long-term policies.

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