Judge Mariel Suárez could be temporarily suspended.

After the scandal that starred Mariel Suarez to the “make out” with a prisonerthe Judicial Council requested its temporary suspension. Meanwhile, it is evaluating whether to dismiss her of her position as a judge.

In January of this year, a video was released of the magistrate having an intimate encounter with the detainee Cristian “Mai” Bustos. This led to a wave of criticism, denunciations and an investigation that determined that they saw each other in Two occasions.

Judge Flavia Trincheri, in charge of it, considered it “proved” that Suárez met twice with the prisoner. In this way, she qualified the official’s behavior What lackluster and maladjusted at your expense.

The Supreme Court of Justice confirmed that, on December 29, the Comodoro Rivadavia judge spent three hours with Bustos and they kissed. This occurred the day after the last sentence received by the subject, in whose trial Suárez participated.

Judge Mariel Suárez could be temporarily suspended. (@String3/)

This is why a summary was presented against the person involved before the Council of the Judiciary. In this sense, it was chosen submit it to a Jury of Prosecution where they will debate whether to temporarily suspend her from her post.

This measure is preventive. In the event that it is approved, the official he will receive half of his salary Y may not intervene in any lawsuitalthough she maintains her status as a judge.

The President of the Judicial Council, Thomas Malerbadetailed to FM Winds: “We ask that the suspension be maintained while the administrative summary that is already underway and the doctor was notified. She has a deadline to challenge the counselor, who was designated as the investigator, and as soon as she is firm, the summary will be developed that will take time to investigate, until she issues an opinion”.

Judge Mariel Suárez is investigated by

Judge Mariel Suárez is investigated for “kissing” a prisoner and could be suspended.

In other words, the man explained that, if Suárez is suspended for 180 days, in that time a another summary to solve if you can start an impeachment trial against her.

What are the two reasons why Mariel Suárez is being investigated?

In the first place, the judge is being investigated for the alleged intimate encounter he had with the life prisoner. It is estimated that both kissed in the Trelew Provincial Penitentiary, where they also met twice.

On the other hand, she is also questioned that, on the day of her first visit with Bustos, the Comodorense magistrate did not attend the detention control hearing of another inmate for health reasons, supposedly. Due to his absence, this other detainee had to remain a prisoner for another day.

Judge Mariel Suárez was recorded

Judge Mariel Suárez was recorded “kissing” with prisoner Cristian “Mai” Bustos. (All News/)

The request for temporary suspension must be resolved by the Trial Court. It is chaired by the Minister Daniel Baezwho is also a member of the Superior Court of Justice.

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