They attacked him and before he died he told his girlfriend who the murderer was: "It was the fat man from the grill"

An 21 year old He was killed by a shotgun in the Buenos Aires town of temperley and before he died he accused the local grill man, according to his girlfriend. The victim’s family marched today to ask that the alleged suspect be arrested as the perpetrator of the crime.

The incident occurred yesterday at dawn on Avenida República Argentina and Tarija, in the San José neighborhood, in the jurisdiction of the southern suburbs. Judicial sources reported that the victim, identified as Adrián Caro, was attacked with bullets by a man who, after committing the crime, fled the scene.

”We were at my house eating a barbecue and he went to look for his brother. I go out behind him but I didn’t find him and I hear a shot thinking it was a shock, I see him screaming, going up and down the sidewalk until he hugged a post and vanished, he was full of blood, “explained Rocío, the young man’s partner, in dialogue with TN.

In dialogue with LN+, the young woman specified that Caro even told her that the author of the homicide had been “the fat man on the grill” and passed away minutes later.

”We had nothing against the guy, we knew him by sight because we had only gone to eat once as a family at the grill”, added the woman to TN. Family and friends of the young man mobilized this afternoon at the place where the crime occurred to request the arrest of “El Gordo” Hernán with posters with the image of the suspect.

“Adrián was a good kid, a good worker, he broke his back to give everything to his children, and they took him from me like that out of nowhere,” the couple concluded. The fact is being investigated by personnel from the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 3 of the Lomas de Zamora Judicial Department.

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