The video already has more than 17 million views on TikTok

A neighbor decided to alert the police after hearing cries for help coming from inside a house. close to his, so he “took action on the matter” and alerted the local authorities to come to the scene and inspect the area. The surprise of the agents was great when they saw that no one was kidnapped inside the house and that everything was the product of “a joke”.

The owner of the house experienced a moment of bewilderment while fixing his vehicle in the parking lot, and from one moment to another he found himself face to face with the police.

The situation was not for less, since From the back of his house, the desperate screams of an alleged woman could be heard. insistently asking to be released. let me out [déjame salir]. Help! [Ayuda]!”he yells over and over again. As the minutes go by, the cry of the “kidnapped” becomes more and more distressing.

The video already has more than 17 million views on TikTokTikTok

Yes ok, The man tries to calm the alleged victim, continues with the task that his car demands of him and ignores the situation for several seconds.come on baby [vamos, nena]”, he tells him to calm down without mentioning that minutes later he was going to find himself in a bind with the local authorities. In the video that was uploaded on TikTok by the @parceritooscar account, you can see that Two patrol cars park on the opposite sidewalk and a continent of uniformed men descends from it with the intention of carrying out an investigation. Cautious, the policemen stand behind the vehicle and organize themselves. The man, meanwhile, kindly approaches to receive them and willing to “collaborate”.

Hello, sir, we received a report that you have someone kidnapped inside the house. There are screams coming from inside.” one of the agents is heard saying in English in the clip which has ambient sound.

After a brief exchange of words, the owner of the house smiles, goes inside the house and shouts a name: “Rambo”. Having no answer, the man enters the property, accompanied by the police, who did not leave him alone for a moment, and takes “Rambo”, an older parrot that has the “facility” to express some “words” and makes him very similar to a girl. “Uh, damn [Uh, maldición]”, The bird says later when he sees that “he was in trouble” with the police who had come to his house because of the cries for help he had uttered for several hours.

The neighbors denounced him because he had a kidnapped person

After watching the video, users recounted their own experiences with parrots. Thus there were those who remembered that their grandmothers, aunts and mothers had this type of animals that had learned to express “love” and even reminded them of the prayer schedule.

About Rambo, they indicated that, it was possible that the parrot had heard somewhere the words “help and let me out.” “Some movie saw the parrot and remembered that,” someone said. “Rambo asking for help? That is also suspicious, ”slipped another person. “Don’t they repeat what they hear?” asked a user. “Imagine that in front of the officers I don’t want to talk!”, added one. “Me looking at the back window thinking they were asking for help from there,” another person wrote.

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