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In the midst of demands for justice, the remains of the ex-wrestler were buried this Thursday in the municipal cemetery of San Francisco de Macorís, Duarte province. Starlin Jaquezknown as the bronco del cibao.

The ex-sportsman died Wednesday from multiple gunshot woundscaused by a person who got out of a truck while preparing to enter a gym he owned, located in the Espinola sector of the city of Jaya.

During the funeral ceremonies, family members and friends of the International Wrestling They defined the victim as a man who only provided love, joy and healthy fun through sports.

Fighting friends attended the funeral of the Bronco del Cibao. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

They ensure that the bronco del cibao He didn’t mess with anyone, so they don’t explain why they took his life.

They maintain that no person with a problem with someone goes out every day at six in the morning to open the doors of their business without carrying a weapon to defend themselves, as Starlin Jáquez did.

They hope that the authorities find the whereabouts of those responsible for the crime, so that they respond to the action of justice.

Camera recorded the event

The incident was recorded on a security camera. In the film you can see a man arrives with a gun in hand and without saying a word shoots the ex-wrestler, who fell to the pavement.

The murderer runs out of the place to board the vehicle in which another person was apparently waiting for him, to flee.

So far the authorities have interviewed several people about that crime. However, there are no detainees.

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