They came to say goodbye to the queen.  Charles III surprised them in the queue.  and William
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The crowd cheered the king three times upon his arrival. Some apparently also joked with him and shook his hand. Prince William thanked people for coming and wished them not to wait long in the queue. “She would never have believed that so many people would come,” he said of his grandmother, Elizabeth II. William stayed there longer than his father. “My father is much faster than me,” he joked.

The line of people stretches from Southwark Park, along the south bank of the Thames and then over the bridge to the Westminster Hall of the British Parliament, where the hearse with the coffin is placed.

The total waiting time in the queue, according to the constantly updated estimate of the British authorities, is now up to 14 hours, which is significantly less than during the night and early morning, when it was up to 25 hours. The temperature in London dropped below ten degrees Celsius overnight, but even that did not deter thousands of people from waiting to pay their last respects to the Queen. After a cold morning, the sun came out in the afternoon.

Photo: Aaron Chown, CTK/AP

The crowd cheered the new king three times upon his arrival.

Photo: Aaron Chown, CTK/AP

Some apparently also joked and shook hands with the new king.

Mohammed, a keen admirer of the Queen, spent 13 hours in the queue. “I’m in shock,” he told the BBC. “It’s the biggest moment in life, nothing compares to this moment,” he added. The Queen was an important figure for his family, who moved from Bangladesh to Britain decades ago. “I think growing up my mother needed a role model,” Mohammed said, adding that she found it in the queen because she was inspired by her behavior.

According to Sky News’ Ivor Bennett, the queue is still growing but not as long as it was a few hours ago. Describing the situation, he noted that some people had apparently arrived after a night of beer and pizza, while others were holding cups of coffee. One group of women told him that they had not been put off by the authorities’ advice and had come “out of respect for the Queen”. They took bananas, water and chips for the trip.

BBC broadcaster Victoria Fritz waited in line for 14 hours. She described the experience as “surreal and extremely emotional”. The closer you get to the end of the line, the more serious the atmosphere, she says.

Photo: John Sibley, Reuters

William stayed there longer than his father.

Photo: Kai Pfaffenbach, Reuters

The new king Charles III. and his son, Prince William, set out to speak to people waiting in line in central London in the afternoon.

The police intervened on Friday

Access to the queue was interrupted on Friday due to capacity. During the night, the estimated waiting time exceeded 25 hours. London Ambulance Service advised people to take warm clothes and medicines if they take any regularly. Along the line, according to the BBC news website, firefighters handed out tea, coffee, water and blankets during the cold night.

At around 22:00 local time (23:00 CEST) on Friday, a man was arrested in Westminster Hall after breaking away from the queue and running towards the Queen’s coffin. A source told The Guardian that the man ran out of the queue, climbed the stairs and managed to touch the coffin. He was subsequently detained. According to the newspaper, neither the London police nor the parliament disputed this account of events. The man is now in custody.

“Someone decided to push my seven-year-old niece away, run up to the coffin, raise the standard and try to do I don’t know what,” witness Tracey Holland told Sky News. According to her, the police arrested the man within two seconds. “Awful, absolutely awful, so disrespectful and unbelievable. And that poor little seven-year-old child will be her memory of the queen,” she added.

The Queen Elizabeth II. she died on September 8, aged 96, at her Scottish country home of Balmoral. The state funeral of the longest-reigning monarch in British history will take place on Monday.

At night, the British rehearsed a funeral procession with the Queen’s coffin


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