The Criminal Court 3 of Jujuy sentenced a man to eight years in prison for abusing his sister, in a town in the interior.

A man accused in Buenos Aires of sexually abusing his daughter in 2017 it was captured in the province of Jujuy by personnel of the National Gendarmerie when He was trying to escape to Bolivia.

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Members of the Crimes against Sexual Integrity division of the Police of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires carried out an investigation through the Internet and social networks to find the whereabouts of the accused, who he was on the run for five years after being denounced for humiliation against his daughter.

The officers they discovered that he was in Jujuy and planned to use the International Passage of Salvador Mazza, in the province of Salta, to cross into Bolivian territory.

That was how, as a result of an alert issued to the Argentine National Gendarmerie the subject was arrested and taken into custodypolice sources reported.

The detainee remained in the custody of Gendarmerie personnel, while the Court of Dr. Manuel Gorostiaga arranged that a commission traveled to Jujuy to transfer the defendantas expressed in a statement from the City Police.

After the transfer of the prisoner, who in the last few hours arrived on a flight to the “Jorge Newbery” metropolitan airport in Buenos Aires, he was transferred to Buenos Aires facilities, where he remained at the disposal of the intervening court.


On the other hand, this Wednesday in Jujuy the Justice sentenced an adult man to eight years in prison for him sexual abuseon several occasions, from his 12-year-old sister. The attacks occurred in the town of Rodeíto -70 km from San Salvador de Jujuy-, between May and September 2020.

The ruling, issued by the Criminal Court 3, fell on the accused mam to be perpetrator criminally responsible for the crime of “seriously outrageous sexual abuse aggravated by the bond”judicial sources reported.

The Criminal Court 3 of Jujuy sentenced a man to eight years in prison for abusing his sister, in a town in the interior. (Via Jujuy/)

The accusation made by the Prosecutor’s Office reports that the events occurred between May and September 2020 on a farm in the aforementioned town, where the accused lived with his parents and his sistera 12-year-old girl, who was the victim of his outrages.

The tests determined that when the parents of the girl were absent from the househis brother, MAM, was present at the scene and taking advantage of the situation sexually abused the minorwhich he did repeatedly.

As a representative of Public Ministry of the Accusation he served Dario Osinaga Gallacherwho requested for the accused the sentence of eight years in prisonwhile the technical defense of the convicted, exercised by the lawyer Juan Pablo Canettirequested for his client the acquittal for the benefit of the doubtor failing that, three years in prison for conditional or suspended compliance.

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In addition to sentencing the defendant to spend eight years in jailthe Court composed of the judge Mario Ramón Puig and judges Ana Carolina Pérez Rojas and María Margarita Nallar ordered the obtaining of genetic profiles of the condemned to incorporate him into the National Registry of Genetic Data linked to Crimes against Sexual Integrityonce the sentence is signed.

In Jujuy there is a free line 102 dependent on the Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family of the Ministry of Human Development of the Province, for the attention of any emergency case of violation of the rights of boys, girls or adolescents.

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