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The authorities established that Pinzón’s brother-in-law was the last person who was with her before the woman disappeared without a trace, detailed Caracol News.

Pinzón has been missing since last Tuesday, June 7, in Chía (Cundinamarca), when he left to sell your vehicle in a sector known as 3 Corners, and did not return home.

“The last person who had contact with her was Jhonatan Torres, my brother-in-law, he says that he was here with my sister, that she gave him the keys to her vehicle and the vehicle because they were going to leave it in a car window for sale ”, explained Sandra Pinzón, sister of the missing woman, to that medium.

The Prosecutor’s Office and the Police of Cundinamarca are already aware of the fact and have opened an investigation to find Adriana’s whereabouts. Her relatives, meanwhile, flyers circulate with which they ask for the help of people close to the sector that they could have contacted her.

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The authorities also have in their possession the videos in which the last movements of this 42-year-old professional are seen. Adriana was wearing a brown turtleneck, jeans, and black tennis shoes.

Those who have any information on the whereabouts of this woman can contact the telephone numbers: 3112743561, 3142979880 and 3208664819:

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